The Return Of The Crimp: Why You Need To Invest In A Crimper ASAP 


Back in 1989, my mum's going out beauty ritual relied on three basics: a cloud of blue eyeshadow, quite a few spritzes of Shalimar, and a head of crimped hair. I can really picture that scene now, mum sitting in her powder pink dressing room, oceanic eyes peeping out from a halo of white blonde crimped hair that just about rested on her huge shoulder pads.

crimped hair

I thought she was the epitome of glamour and, of course, used to beg her to do similar so that I could imagine the dizzying heights of sophistication I too may reach as a grown up. Almost thirty years later, my time would come. The crimp is back. Not just back on the catwalks (though Alexander Mcqueen, APC, and Dans Le Vie all sent models down the catwalk in crimped glory for their AW17 shows), but back IRL, with celebs like Nicole Scherzinger and Bella Thorne wearing it out proudly, while the #crimpedhair hashtag is gaining speed over on instagram, with over 70k posts devoted to the joys of the crimp.

Ivan Lattuada

You may be able to sense that my five-year-old self's opinion on the 'do hold firm - and you'd be quite right. Having used crimpers for my latest #MadsAboutBeauty challenge (watch the video above), I've found them to be a revelation. And not just because I basically got to do my mum's top '80s look and felt like I was channelling my best self (hello, ABBA-inspired blue eyeshadow), but also because it's actually a pretty nifty way to add texture and volume. Here's a breakdown of why you need a crimper in your life, stat:

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Crimping = the appearance of more hair, minus knots. Think backcombing, only without the horror of having to brush those ragged, balled up bits of hair out at the end of the night. To do this, just crimp underneath the top layer of hair, focussing on roots or wherever you want oomph. Equally, this helps if you're plaiting and want more body (see day two in the video).

Crimping = texture with less damage. You may think pressing down on sections of your hair may be ruinous (and of course there is always a bit of damage as a result of heat styling hair), but compared to running devices all over your hair, it's nothing. Also, if you opt for a panel or just do sections (see day three), it saves the rest of your hair from being damaged.

Crimping = fun. Lest we forget, hair isn't always about being an ultra-glossy, meticulously-coiffed, Gisele-inspired creature. Sometimes it's about being slightly less engineered, and maybe a little more fun. I found that crimped hair made me feel a bit more fizzy and fun - and surely there is no better purpose for hair to serve than that? 

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