2001 Called... This Might Be Kim Kardashian’s Sleekest Hairstyle of All Time

2001 Called... This Might Be Kim Kardashian’s Sleekest Hairstyle of All Time
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We already know that Kim Kardashian West’s glam squad can work a flatiron like there’s no tomorrow, but tonight the star might have debuted her sleekest hairstyle of all time. The star attended the 2017 Met Gala in New York City wearing her collarbone-length lob extremely straight and glossy with not a fly-away in sight, and in true Kim K.W. fashion, parted directly in the centre. Anyone who's been following the star as of late can agree it's very authentic to her personal style. It also happens to be a minimalist's dream.

So how'd she get it so perfect? The look was the work of celebrity hairstylist Michael Silva, who worked with the star to decide on a strong and sleek style that created a distinct contrast to her feminine dress and together paid homage to the theme of the evening. 

The first step in achieving the look was creating a centre part, followed by applying Toni&Guy Leave-In Conditioner on wet hair, and then rough drying it with a flat brush. "It has a little bit of weight to it. It's kind of like primer when you put it in the hair," explains Silva. Using leave-in conditioner was very strategic, as Silva explains it's essential for creating smoothness by sealing the cuticle and filling in any cracks or crevices in the hair shaft. 

Then, he sprayed the Toni&Guy Heat Protectant Mist all over the hair and dried each section with a flat brush. Next, he sectioned the hair and sprayed each section with the Toni&Guy Medium Hold Hairspray and flatironed each section one by one. He said this helped to further lock in the hairstyle and create intense shine. 

The very last step? Silva sprayed hairstyle in his hands and glided them over her hair to lock down any stray hairs. So now we know one of Kim K.W.'s sleekest hairstyles of all time is also one you can totally achieve at home.

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