Backstage With Lucky Blue Smith & Charlie XCX At H&M's Star-Studded Studio Show

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In seems apt that in the city of love, H&M made their studio collection show all about love, actually.

Fashion month has definitely been in a political mood, right the way from New York all the way to Milan and H&M’s collection of love comes at a highly charged time, as the brand’s creative director, Ann-Sofie recognises, ‘the show is political in a way, but it’s a lot about sending a message and it’s a way of showing that fashion also stands for something. The fashion world is diverse, our catwalk is diverse, and everybody has a right to be here.’

Indeed this season’s line-up proved this love affair with diverse casting, with the likes of Winnie Harlow lined up next to Gigi and Bella Hadid and there was no shortage of affection among the models as well. Talking exclusively to Amber Valletta about her runway return we asked who her new pals on the circuit were, answering bashfully the supermodel said, ‘Me and Bella are sweet on each other.’ Now that is what you call a girl crush and a half.

Following in the footsteps of Topshop UNIQUE, Tommy Hilfiger and Burberry the collection was made immediately available, with a shop ready and waiting backstage post-show. Speaking to Ann-Sofie about the ‘see now, buy now’ approach she was lowkey about the new venture. 'We do this for our customers to be honest, you know, and sometimes they are a little bit impatient, they have a hard time waiting half a year - as it was before - for the things they love. So, hopefully this is the right way to go.’

As such a powerhouse brand, it’s no surprise they had the show to match, with a 600 plus strong audience that included Nicki Minaj and a finale that featured a live performance from The Weeknd. In such conditions it would be easy for the clothes to become overwhelmed but they weren’t.

The theme? Victorians hit the beach, basically. With black embroidered blouses teamed with bikinis, black bloomers and billowing anti-fit dresses bringing a sombre mood to seaside dresscode.

As far as fashion week moments go, this was pretty much THE moment of Paris.

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