The New Travel App That Makes You Feel 100% Comfortable About Vacaying Alone

The New Travel App That Makes You Feel 100% Comfortable About Vacaying Alone

You need to download this travel app right now...

Everyone is a fan of travel apps, especially if you are planning a long trip away somewhere exotic and are looking for the best travel apps to download beforehand. 

Well, if you are planning the trip of a lifetime and are thinking about travelling alone (more power to you), then new travel app Zipskee is the one you need to be downloading right now. 

Founded in 2010, Zipskee is an app aiming to connect travellers across the world, using the belief that shared experiences and cultures can enhance the whole travelling experience. Launching this summer, Zipskee allows wanderlusters to to share recommendations, arrange meet ups, and experience the real side of a destination that can only be achieved when meeting locals. It also encourages you to make friends, which can be a defining part of the whole travelling experience.

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Also, from a practical side, Zipskee gives female travellers the confidence to take that much talked about pilgrimage to Mexico on their own. The app has a star rating feature which is designed as a safety mechanism to help those women travelling solo, plus the app also easily allows fellow Zipskee users to find each other in certain cities or destinations. Which is a comforting thought if you reach somewhere new and fancy some chats over an ice-cold beer.

And as well as making us ladies feel a little bit safer in what can often be a rather large and lonely situation, the app also encourages users to immerse themsleves in local life; simple things such as meeting a nearby Zipskee user for a coffee in some bespoke off-the-beaten-track cafe, or sharing a native meal with another group of backpackers can only add to your overall experience, right?

So if you are heading off this year, make sure to get Zipskee downloaded before setting off. You never know, you might just make a lifelong pal.



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