7 Reasons Why Kendall Jenner's #30sGoals Are A Tiny Bit Ridiculous

7 Reasons Why Kendall Jenner's #30sGoals Are A Tiny Bit Ridiculous

Kendall Jenner has revealed what she expects from life once she turns 30, and it includes a pony...

Kendall Jenner has been waxing lyrical about what #LifeGoals she wants once she hits the big 3-0 and well, those of us that have already hit this rather important milestone are more than a little baffled.

The 20-year-old model come reality star has taken to her app to reveal what she hopes to have achieved in life (a full ten years ahead of schedule, now THAT's organisation Kendall) and along with the normal yearnings (husband, kids, etc), Kendall has also admitted that she'd like to live on a farm (in Malibu), and own a dog, and/or a horse.

Now, we understand dreams, but at the tender age of twenty, we feel that Kendall hasn't really grasped what might happen once the big thirty birthday rolls around.

We love you Kendall, but here's why your #30sGoals are a little bit beyond our reach...

1. Owning a house

Right. First things third. Once you get to thirty, if you aren't already owning a pile of bricks then chances are you won't be anytime soon. Spending your twenties backpacking around foreign climes and paying back those irritating student loans have left you without spare pennies, let alone a chunk of cash to secure a mortgage. Plus Malibu? Come on Kendall.

2. Owning a dog

The closest we might get is dog-sitting our parents's decrepit old pooch Milo. And while we love him unconditionally, he doesn't look quite as trendy as all the mod-dogs racing around the local park with their cool owners. Plus owning a dog means we have to be responsible...as it stands we have problems keeping a basil plant alive.

3. The husband

It's a lovely thought, and while many of our friends ARE happily married, there are a good chunk of us that sadly aren't. We're suffering the 'thrown back' syndrome on Tinder (think about it in terms of fishing), and being seated next to all of our BFF's 'single' mates every time a dinner party is thrown. It's bleak.

4. The children

Yes, the old body clock. However, being aware that your inner workings are audibly ticking doesn't mean that we're walking around like a human Big Ben. Plus, that meaningful look you get from your nana every time you go home for a visit? Nana, we love you, but you aren't going to magic one in there.

5. The 'chill' life

The one great thing about being 30 is that you start being very aware about the person you've become. It also means that we suffer from more irrational fears. These include weird body issues ('are my knees fat?!'), stresses about overdraft charges, commuting, and trying to remember what your natural hair colour is. 'Chill' just isn't in our vocab Kendall, but it's an awful nice thought.

6. The pony

Aside from fullfilling all those childhood My Little Pony dreams, the thought of owning an actual horse is utterly terrifying. Remember what happened with the basil plant?

7. The dreams

You know what Kendall? Even though WE aren't on your thirties wavelength, doesn't mean we don't recognise that sometimes a girl's gotta dream. You make that life list lady, and we'll see you on the flipside...




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