Why You Need To Ditch Your Gym Membership For Classpass Instead

Why You Need To Ditch Your Gym Membership For Classpass Instead
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It's the American fitness movement set to revolutionise the way we workout....

It's cheaper than the gym...

With a Classpass membership you get access to over 180 fitness studios in London. For a monthly membership of £89 (£59 per month for longer subscriptions) you can take part in classes at swanky boutique studios like BOOM Cycle, TriYoga, Ten Pilates, Frame, Lomax and Paola's Body Barre. If you find the gym monoutous, and individual classes expensive then this is the solution. For example an individual class at at Paola's Body Barre starts from £22 a session, whereas you could do up to three per month with Classpass in addition to however many other workouts you fancy elsewhere.



Time to crush it at class. Who's with us? #letsgo

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You won't get bored...

The joy of ClassPass is that you can do spinning one morning, boxing the next, pilates another, yoga some other time - the list goes on. Basically, there is no way you are going to get workout boredom. Plus with such a diverse range of classes you might just discover a new activity that you particularly enjoy. Aerial yoga anyone?



It can change your bodyshape...

The best way to lose fat and change your bodyshape is to combine aerobic activity with strength training. Which is exactly what Classpass offers. If you're up for an extra motivation just search for the #ClasspassChallenge on Twitter where you can pitch yourself against other users.



Happy #Spring!

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It's pretty motivational too...

If you follow @Classpass on Twitter and Instagram you'll get the occassional mood boosting post such as "Why fit in, when you were born to stand out," and "Work it out, turn it up." If we're feeling lazy (read hungover) a quick stroll through their feed and five minutes later we are guaranteed to find ourselves lacing up our trainers and just getting on with it. #FashionFit

Click here for the full list of classes and how to sign-up

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