Why A Fitbit Is the Perfect Fashion Accessory

Why A Fitbit Is the Perfect Fashion Accessory

InStyle’s Fashion Director reviews the Fitbit Alta

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As much as I love keeping fit and healthy, I love fashion just that bit more. Luckily the Fitbit Alta gives me the perfect combination of both. Sleek and black (I do work in fashion), it integrates into my style and my everyday life. From my morning run or a day at the office to a shoot or glamorous fashion party, the Alta is the perfect accessory.

I took my Fitbit with me to New York Fashion Week to see how it would REALLY fit in with my busy life…

It’s discreet…
Jetting off for a month of fashion shows sounds fun but the reality of late nights, missed meals and jet lag can take its toll pretty quickly. So, for me, trying to keep fit and healthy – and keeping the fashion flu at bay – is a priority. The first thing I pack, before heading off to Fashion Week, are my trainers, then high heels, and now my FitBit Alta comes top of the packing list, too. It helps me keep on top of my fitness and it’s discreet, fitting in with my fashion wardrobe ready for any street-style photographers.

My sleep tracker
I am pretty fit and like to do some sort of exercise every day but sleep is a major problem for me, especially when travelling. With a full-time job that involves travel, working weekends and evenings, plus two children, sleep is not something I get enough of, but the Alta tracks how many hours and the quality of sleep I do, or don’t, get. It told me I slept for the grand total of one hour and 17 mins on the red-eye flight back! Not a good day.

I’ve become obsessed with my step-count…

Pounding the streets of New York between shows and appointments (and the odd bit of shopping) it was easy to keep up with my steps. I beat my 10k step goal every day – my record day was 22,167 steps in one day!

So easy
It syncs easily with my iPhone and all the information is stored on the easy to use, and install, app on my phone. It even automatically changed the time zone with country I was in.

It’s SO fashion…
Slim, streamline and discreet, the Fitbit Alta blended in with whatever I wore. And with its easily changeable straps, it was easy to keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion and this season’s colours. I could change the strap colour to co–ordinate or clash with my outfit, as the mood struck me. I even personalised the straps with metal, leather and multicoloured bands to suit whatever trend I might fancy that day.

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