When I Was 19? Lena Dunham, You REALLY Don't Want To Know...

When I Was 19? Lena Dunham, You REALLY Don't Want To Know...

Lena Dunham wants us to share a memory from when we were 19. How much time have you got...

So Lena Dunham, you want me to share a memory from when I was nineteen years old. And hashtag it #isitevil

Hmm, I’ll have to rub a few batteries up here in this old noggin of mine being that it was *ahem* over fifteen years ago now, and I’ll be honest, the memory post-30 has been more than a little tricksy. It’s not that I don’t remember, it’s just that there’s a few things (baggy jeans, Aftershock Blue, nu metal, MSN Messenger, plum hair dye, etc) that’d rather leave in the last millennia. 

Now, for many girls, nineteen really wasn’t all that long ago. I mention things like Dawson’s Creek, and Charlie Red body spray in the office and am often met with blank stares. Ah those days. Nineteen.

I remember seeing in the year 2000 at our local village working man’s club, quaffing a Smirnoff Ice and snogging the face off my first BF who happened to be massively into Pearl Jam. We were ‘edgy’ back then. True story.

I then took off for Canada (sans boyf, oh how my teenage heart pined) to spend the summer working in Toronto’s Tower Records store — which was very similar in look and staff to the famous Empire Records, THE movie that helped shape my young life. 

I dyed my hair pink. I started customizing my clothes. Oh lord, the customized band tees. The studded belts. The millions of bracelets. Woof.

Gwen Stefani was my hero. Uni life started that September. Modjo’s ‘Lady’ was number one in the charts. Nineteen. Good times.

Do I have a #isitevil memory? Looking at some of these tweets make me feel positively bookish in comparison. Jail? Wow, the most trouble I’d ever been in at nineteen was when I got caught stashing a stolen traffic cone in our garage – which coincidently, I didn’t steal (that was my mate Gunner), but my mother grounded my ass regardless.


The fashion choices (see the below, WHAT was I thinking... that's me, in the Amie-fied No Doubt tee and cheeky fishnet vest, ack) I feel could be classed as evil – and don’t even get me started on the lengths I went to get backstage at a REEF concert, I mean…

So Lena I have to admit, while nineteen was an incredibly fun year, I am perfectly happy to leave it in the past. Together with the crochet hanky tops and the burned CD copy of  ‘Californication’. If you have to Google that, please, get your coat.

I think I may still have that customized Limp Bizkit tee somewhere though. I wonder if it still fits.

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