What's Your Hangover Cure? Team InStyle Reveal Theirs

What's Your Hangover Cure? Team InStyle Reveal Theirs
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Head hurting a bit? Before you reach for the glass of full fat Coke, read these tips from top nutrionist Vicki Edgson who gave her verdict on team InStyle's hangover cures.

Arabella Greenhill, Fashion Director

Hangover cure: "Coca-Cola and Marmite toast. Also no children around would be handy."

Vicki says: "Ditch the fattening Coca-Cola (hideous), and slurp your way through a full Coconut containing its own rehydrating coconut water - so much faster in its healing powers. Choose celery batons for your Marmite. Plenty of potassium to balance the sodium of the Marmite."

Rebecca Gillam, Digital Writer

Hangover cure: "Parma ham and fizzy water"

"Add sliced lemon and some Moringa powder to the water to help alkalise and add natural cleansing to it for faster and more effective hydration, and treat yourself to some melon to have with the Parma ham. The natural sugars will help to revive a parched digestive system and balance the smoked flavour of the Parma ham."

Hannah Vere, Creative Director

Hangover cure: "An egg-and-cress sandwich (with salt and vinegar crisps inside) and a Diet Coke."

Vicki says: "Why not add dehydrated kale chips to your egg and cress sandwich, to provide iron and magnesium to a nutrient-deleted body. Serve your sandwich with toasted pumpernickel bread. For increased B vits, and replace Diet Coke with a Rehydrator fresh juice from Purifynecleanse.com"

George Driver, Beauty Writer

Hangover cure: "Cherios, ice cold glass of orange juice and a MacDonald's Happy Meal with extra chicken nuggets."

Vicki says: "Where do I start with you? More rubbish on top of party excess! Do the right thing and make yourself scrambled eggs with wild boar sausages (lean and rich in healing protein) to replace all those minerals you have destroyed last night. Add loads of grilled tomatoes to replace the anti-oxidants that were over challenged in your binge and make sure to drink a Virgin Mary."

Niki Browes, Associate Editor

Hangover cure: "A big glass of Berrocca before bed and after waking up."

Vicki says: "Berrocca contains aspartame, which can be stimulatory. I would recommend having a shot of Aloe Vera Juice before the partying starts, and another larger one just before going to bed. The first shot lines the stomach, the second helps to alkalise the body after the onslaught!"

Hannah Rochell, Fashion Features Editor

Hangover cure: "Quavers and a full fat Coke."

Vicki says: "Shame on you - adding insult to injury like this. You must feel ghastly! Try a glass of fresh juiced apple, in 250 ml fizzy water, with a shot of wheatgrass from Organic Burst - tastes better and neutralises those toxins far faster!"


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