What’s Your Fitness Age? We Find Out...

What’s Your Fitness Age? We Find Out...

Remember that saying, you’re as young as you feel? Now you can really find out whether that youthful feeling is true or not. Fitness First have launched a test that puts through your paces to determine what your biological age is versus your actual age


So how does it work?

There are three stages of the test. The first is the health test, which deals with all your physical data: your height vs. waist, blood pressure and lung capacity etc. Then there is the fitness part – which is a lot more challenging than you might think. This tests you power, flexibility, strength and agility. Watch out for the 500m sprint row at the end, it’s a killer! Finally there is a questionnaire all about your lifestyle (make sure to answer honestly…).

What makes is different to other fitness tests though?

It doesn’t just look at your fitness level, but also your health and lifestyle. Each test tells you how far above or below your actual age your fitness age is, so you know what areas to improve in. If you’re incredibly competitive like me, this is perfect as you know what areas to improve on to lower your age the next time you do the test.

But don’t you have to be a member?

Well you do, but membership starts at £18 a month and then the test is £15 - or free on your birthday!

So go on then, how did you do?

Well let’s just say I came out at 27 the first time I tried it. Take from that what you will… But I’m already in training for round two, working on that agility.


For more information go to www.fitnessfirst.co.uk or drop into your local Fitness First branch.

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