What Happened When We Joined The Mile High Club (It's Not What You're Thinking)

What Happened When We Joined The Mile High Club (It's Not What You're Thinking)

No, not that Mile High Club! The Mile High Run Club, New York’s newest fitness craze.

While in NY for Fashion Week, InStyle's Executive Fashion Director Nick and I decided we needed to get out of the car, off the FROW and do some exercise. But with sub zero temperatures outside we needed to find somewhere to let off some steam. And all in the name of research we thought this sounded like an interesting concept.  

What We Tried: Mile High Run Club – the first dedicated studio for running. 

Where: In the Mile High Run Club studio on East 4th Street in NOHO, New York. 

What We Did: There are two choices. Either the DASH 28 class which anyone including us can do, but for those that want more of a challenging run there is THE DISTANCE which is entirely on the treadmill.  

For How Long: About 45 minutes. There is 28 minutes of structured intervals on the treadmill followed by 10 minutes of strength plus power training with kettle bells. 


Arabella Says - As an outdoor runner, I find running on the treadmill can be boring and much easier than pounding the pavement, so I was keen to see what this class was about and if it could challenge me and keep me interested. It did all of the above. 

I liked that I could choose my own level to run at so I could push myself as hard as I wanted to (or not as the case may be). It was great to add another element to my normal run with the strength training at the end of the class and lots of stretching (which I am really bad at doing).  After the class I felt like I had had a good run but also worked out other areas of my body. The music was great too. Upbeat and fun – not aggressive and hardcore as some other classes I have been to. I actually really enjoyed it. The time went by quickly. I felt I had a good all round work out. Next time, knowing how the class works I will push myself that bit harder.

Yes my Nike trainers really are that bright.

Nick Says – I'm not much of a runner. In fact, running scares me as I often get bored and stop after 7 minutes on a treadmill and then feel like a failure. Or I get overtaken running in parks outside. The idea of this class didn't excite me, but I thought as I was travelling with work I should get on and do some exercise rather than sit in my hotel room eating room service. After we were assigned treadmills I went with 'Jogger' level (beginner) Throughout the running and stretching the instructor was constantly checking on our form and posture. Who knew I had been running with bad form on a treadmill for so many years? I left the class feeling that I had had a great work out, but also that I didn't exhaust myself and could probably have pushed myself harder. 

Nick even wears blue Lululemon gear to the gym.

What Fitness Level is Required – Any level. The great thing about our class, aside from our incredibly motivational instructor, was that it was a class for all abilities. There was a laminated sheet in front of your on the treadmills which marked different speed guidelines for each section of the class depending on your experience. The running portion generally covers between 3-5k depending on your individual pace. Walking and jogging in the class is always encouraged for beginners and “non runners”.

What It Helps With: All round general fitness as it covers both cardio and strength. 

What It Costs: 1 Class costs $34.  You can book blocks of 5, 10 or 20 classes. 

Would We Go Back...

Arabella – If I couldn’t run outside then most definitely. I really enjoyed it and felt it gave me a good all round workout and a real kick start to the day.

Nick – I’d definitely go back again and, dare I say it, am excited at the prospect of joining the Mile High (Running) Club when it hits the UK.

Nick adding the InStyle top running song. Can you guess what it is?

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