We've Found Out The Secret To Naomi Campbell's Toned Body

We've Found Out The Secret To Naomi Campbell's Toned Body

Naomi Campbell's personal trainer fills us in on a workout for a killer toned body...

When Naomi Campbell rocked up at our own InStyle BAFTA party in February wearing an amazing mini cut-out dress, the question we all wanted to ask wasn't where was her dress from, nor her shoes, but instead how did she get those amazing toned legs. Well, now her secret is out. The answer? Kickboxing at Matt Roberts Personal Training studio. We caught up with Owen Ogbourne, one of the trainers at the Hampstead Heath studios. So who is this magic body worker? Well, he's a former professional Thai/kickboxing and MMA fighter, who held the British Kickboing title for four years. And when it comes to getting the envivable toned limbs of a supermodel, he knows what he is talking about. I popped along to try out one of his kickboxing classes and an hour later, after a session of continuous punching, kicking, squats and crunches I left dripping in sweat but feeling amazing. As Owen explains not only is there a fantastic ‘feel good’ factor attached to it, it's also a great way to get fit, tone muscles and has an element for self-defense. Here he shares five moves for an overall body workout. Watch out Naomi...

1. The ultimate arm toner

'Stand with your strongest side at the rear (left to right or right to left). Place hands either side of your face, just under the chin. Extend each arm forward and twist at the wrist. This punch combination can be performed for specific rounds of 30 or 45 seconds continuous.

·      With an added twist of the arms when the punch is committed; this is a great way to tone the arms and mid shoulder.

·      With an added twist of the torso whilst punching; this will tone your upper back and lateral muscle area.

·      For more variation you can add a squat before you punch.

These can be done by repetitions of between 10 and 20 squat punches per round.'


2. The one for perfect pins...

'Both legs can be trained and used just as well as your hands.'

'Stand in a position with your strongest side leading. Bring your knees toward you whilst raising your front leg to hip level, then extend the leg, pulling your toes back to perform a front kick. Repeat the same with the rear leg. You can now combine both kicks together starting with the front and then the rear. Repeat these kicks continuously for between 30 and 45 seconds. Alternatively you can kick by repetitions between 10 and 20 reps . To add a bit more intensity, you can perform a half squat before you kick. This is a great way to tone and strengthen the front and back upper muscles, hips and glute area of the leg.'


3. The knee and hip strengthener...

The knees are also trained together with the hands and legs. It is also very useful for close quarter self defense (used only when totally necessary).

*Stand with your strongest side at the rear with your rear leg raised. Bring your knee up and at the same time thrust your hip, simultaneously pushing the knee forward. This exercise can be performed continuously back and forth, by repetitions of between 10 and 20 reps on each side. It is essential that the leg retreats back when completed. This is an awesome way to strengthen the hip and tone the lower back.


4. The one for an Instagrammable six pack...

Having a strong abdominal, is an important and useful defense against those punches that can stray towards your mid section.

'Lay down on your back with your legs bent and your knees up. With a clench fist place hands both sides just under the chin. Slightly lift your shoulders off the floor whilst performing two straight punches at eye level, most importantly contracting your stomach muscles at the same time. Remember to exhale on rising up. These can be done in repetitions of between 15 and 30 reps. Depending on your genetics, continuous exercising of this muscle will most certainly provide the sought after ‘six pack’.'


5. The overall body perfector...

You can now put together an exercise program that covers all the above.

'Stand with your strongest side at the rear. Place both hands at the side of your face just under the chin. Whilst jogging on the spot continuously straight punch for the count of 10 reps, adding 10 squats in between. Then perform 10 front kicks. For a more advanced workout you can add squats or lunges in between each leg kick. To add more intensity, quickly move onto 10 knee raises each side, finally ending with 20 sit up abdominal crunch punches.'

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