Hypnosis Can Make You Exercise More? This Actress Certainly Thinks So...

Hypnosis Can Make You Exercise More? This Actress Certainly Thinks So...

Olivia Munn reckons hypnosis has helped her stick to a workout regime...

Olivia Munn has revealed her secret strategy to getting herself to go to the gym.

And no it doesn't involve taping a picture of Blurred Lines beauty Emily Ratajkowski or supermodel Elle Macpherson to her fridge for daily motivation. 

'I was going to a hypnotist to help me with my OCD and trichotillomania,' Olivia told Good House Keeping.

'One day I told him I didn’t work out, and he said, "What do you mean?" I replied, "I don’t know. I just kind of don’t. I yo-yo." He said, "You have to! It’s good for your anxiety and depression." So during one of our sessions, he hypnotized me.'

Much to The Newsroom actress' surprise, her attitude to exercise totally changed within the space of a weekend.

'That was on a Friday, and by Monday I was working out every day at 6 am. If I missed a session, I’d double up and do it the next day. Now I feel so much stronger. I remember running up the steps one day and thinking, this is strange. I could do this a hundred times and be totally okay.'

The definition of hypnosis by the American Psychological Association is 'a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness characterized by an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion.'

But we want to know whether being coaxed into a trance really can have a positive impact on your relationship with the treadmill or free weights?

Olivia's not the only celebrity fighting from this corner.

A couple of hypnotherapy sessions helped Lily Allen slim down from a curvy size 12 to a trim size 8. 

Totally echoing Olivia's view, Lily said: 'After the hypnotism, I want to go to the gym every day, otherwise I feel really bad.

'I just want to get more toned and healthy. I'm really good about everything at the moment - I've never been happier.'

Geri Halliwell, Sophie Dahl and Orlando Bloom have also all turned to a hypnotist for a little boost with losing weight in the past too. 

Would you consider hypnosis like these stars on your quest for body confidence? Let us know your thoughts... 

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