Bleeding Feet, Strange Customers & 15 Things Only A Waitress Will Know

Bleeding Feet, Strange Customers & 15 Things Only A Waitress Will Know
Facebook/Nicola Gavins

What happens when a waitress posts a picture of her bleeding feet? The world gets involved...

Sometimes, being a waitress is just downright s***** Fact.

Awkard customers, unsociable hours and stupidly long shifts are just a few of the massive bugbears suffered by service staff on a day-to-day basis.

So what happens when a lady named Nicola Gavins decides to take matters into her own hands by posting a picture of her friend's bleeding feet on Facebook post-shift, highlighting the brutality enforced by her manager by making all his waitresses wear heels to work - unless medically restricted to do so?

Well, the internet goes bonkers. And rightly so. The fact that in this day an age a woman is forced to wear something against her will in a professional capacity is just archaic, especially when (and we think you'll agree with this) you're bleeding as a result?!

So, in support of this waitress (and waiters, and service staff everywhere), we've rounded up 15 of the struggles you face on a day to day basis, and remind you that you are doing a sterling job out there. No really. You're awesome.


Ever suffered...

1. Hot plates

Of course, we know that food should be served on piping hot plates - but suffering third degree burns because chef didn't tell you the dish was coming out of the mouth of Hell just isn't cool...

2. Ridiculous uniforms

The aprons. The bow-ties. The falafel hats. It's a lesson in humilty.

3. Zero sleep

Scrubbing tables at 1am only to scrub the SAME tables 5 hours later? Dang, that dust is fast.

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4. No tips

You've changed a child's nappy, removed the onion from bolognaise and taken their cases to the car. The reward? A handful of coppers. Easy there big spender.

5. Blisters

Why can't we work in sandals?

6. Volatile kitchen staff

Avoiding low flying kitchen utensils IS a thing.

7. Reservations

'What do you mean you can't accommodate my party of 16 in fifteen minutes?'


8. Napkin folding

Paper cuts galore. If it's fancy linen? Horrible hand chafing.

9. Happy Birthday

Having to sing it what, 18 times per shift with authenticity? It can be trying.

10. Tights


11. Visible tattoos

No, I don't want to wear a flesh coloured plaster thanks very much. And I don't think the customers really want to see that either.

12. The dreaded drinks tray

Trying to hold a loaded champers tray at a 90 degree angle for two hours? Who needs the gym?

13. Daft questions

'I'm sorry, what's in this onion soup?' Errr...

14. Prep

We don't mind helping you out chef, but parting physalis leaves for an entire afternoon is just cruel.

15. And finally, the 'benefits'

Working at a pizza restaurant will not make you a fan of pizza. In fact, the whole eating experience is sullied for good when you are eating pizza three times a day. Thanks for that. We loved pizza... once...

Keep up the stellar work guys, and remember folks, ALWAYS TIP YOUR WAITRESS!

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