VIDEO: Why We All Need To Get Behind The #ThisGirlCan Campaign

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Not doing exercise because you're anxious about your body/clothes/sweat? This new video campaign from Sport England aims to change all that

When Instagram is littered with picture perfect images of beautifully tanned women doing yoga on the beach, it's easy to feel down-hearted – rather than inspired – about exercising.

But if anything's going to get you fired up about getting fit, it's the new #thisgirlcan campaign just launched by Sport England.

The campaign hinges on a video, unveiled on TV last night, showing women – women like you and me, with wobbly bits and bus-red faces – participating in a diverse range of sports and, crucially, having a lot of fun whilst doing it.

With a reported 2 million fewer women taking part in sport than men, despite 75 per cent of us saying we want to do more, this video sends an important message: that we shouldn't let fear of what we look like stop us from getting involved in physical activity.

There's no photoshop here – the video shows women of all ages, shapes and sizes in all their jiggling, sweaty and gurning glory. And they all look brilliant.

'Before we began this campaign, we looked very carefully at what women were saying about why they felt sport and exercise was not for them,' said Sport England chief executive Jennie Price.

'One of the strongest themes was a fear of judgement. Worries about being judged for being the wrong size, not fit enough and not skilled enough came up time and again.'

'This campaign says it really doesn't matter if you are a bit rubbish or completely brilliant.'

'The main thing is that you are a woman and you are doing something, and that deserves to be celebrated.'

Watch this, and then try and tell us you're happy just sitting on the sofa…

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