VIDEO: Learn To Dance Like Beyonce

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3 Easy Moves To Keep You #FashionFit AND Looking Awesome On The Dance Floor #winning

Meet Bonnie Parsons. She’s a professional dancer and worked with the likes of Rihanna and Cheryl Cole before setting up Seen On Screen – a company that runs REALLY cool dance classes in London and Manchester teaching you how to dance like your favourite pop star. They’re very patient teachers, and can get even the most novice dancers to twerk like Miley (see the InStyle team dancing in our video, bottom: LOLZ).

An average Seen On Screen class will have you burning a whopping 800 calories, but we asked Bonnie for some very specific moves that will tone your body at the same time as crowning you Queen Of The Dance Floor in your local nightclub. So get practicing with our handy video, people. When it’s this much fun, there’s no excuse not to stay #FashionFit…

The Miley Twerk
1. Bend your knees
2. Arch your back
3. Drop your bum down
4. Repeat at speed
Benefits: works your thighs, bum, arms and core

The Rihanna Roll
1. Stick your chest up to the ceiling
2. Push your pelvis forward
3. Pretend you're opening a door with your bum
4. Look totally fabulous
Benefits: works your abs, obliques and your stomach, like a dancing sit-up

The Beyonce Whip
1. Step and kick from one foot to the other
2. Pop your chest at the same time
3. Whip your hair in a figure of 8
4. Finish by arching your back
Benefits: works your abs, your legs, your neck and your confidence


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