VIDEO: How To Get A Body As Hot As Jennifer Lopez's

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Want a bod as perf as J-Lo's? This exclusive video with her personal trainer Tracy Anderson will get you there...

She's been the talk of awards season thanks, mainly in part, to her A-M-A-ZING body and yep, we'll admit it; we're just a little bit obsessed with all-things Jennifer Lopez right now. 

If anything was going to spur us on with our get-fit January goals it was seeing Jen at the Golden Globe Awards looking positively mega in her embellished dress complete with a thigh-high split and plunging neckline and since then she's been our dream bod pin-up. 

So, imagine our sheer and utter delight when we found this video on our sister site InStyle US (thanks for sharing this GOLD with us, ladies) that features a one-on-one work-out sesh with none other than J-Lo's personal trainer herself, Tracy Anderson. 

Tracy has worked with some of the biggest — and most glamorous — names in the biz with Jennifer being one of her most recent clients. Remember how epic Jen looked in her Booty vid? Yep; that was Tracy's work. 

The god-sent 7-minute long video is every fitness fan's pinnacle — talking you through the key moves that you can master from the comfort of your own living room, it really does make getting a quick work-out in before work or at the weekends all the more possible. 

Don't be fooled by how easy Tracy makes it look, either — it's hard work, takes commitment and, sadly, you won't get Jen's rock-hard abs overnight. But, keep it up, and you WILL see results.

Tracy has also worked, you know, casually, with Gwyneth Paltrow to create her own personally-tailored workout so you're in pretty good company to say the least. And while she may be based in America to be closer to her A-list clientele, you can now continue her foolproof workouts from afar. Sign up to her brand new live-stream class, and you'll receive star-powered workouts straight to your comp/laptop/tablet on a weekly basis where you can join in with her actual studio class. How cool is that? 

The power of the Internet, huh?

Let us know how you get on with the workout in the comments below and we'll catch you in Tracy's live stream this eve, yes...? 

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