The Jobs Most Swiped Right On Tinder Might Surprise You...

The Jobs Most Swiped Right On Tinder Might Surprise You...

Tinder users are swiping right for which profession?

The results are in, Tinder app users - these are the jobs in the UK that have online daters swiping right, and the figures might surprise you.

Now, when it comes to using Tinder, your online profile (and getting that profile 100% perfect) is like your dating calling card. Your pictures need to be on fleek, your blurb needs to be snappy, and according to new Tinder stats, your profession has to make a serious impression.

Yep, Tinder (which boasts more than 1.4 billion swipes per day) has revealed the top ten jobs in the UK that have male and female dating app users swiping right, and the most popular professions differ quite radically between sexes.

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Lawyers are top of the list for the most right-swiped males, suggesting that us girls are after a more mature and legal type of chap - however, actors came a close second. Guess we're not quite ready to let go of that 'Channing Tatum will soon be mine' fantasy just yet, huh? Interestingly, us ladies like a mix of careers with both suit-and-tie jobs and creative industries making the list - and yes, personal trainers did make the top ten. So sue us.

The most right-swiped profession for females was a teacher, dentists second (so, Tinder guys like us to look after kids and teeth), with speech pathologists, interior designers and event planners making up the top 5.

Another interesting discovery was that in both genders, models are 'out-swiped' by both teachers and lawyers. 

So, what are the most right-swiped jobs in the UK? See below...

1.     Lawyer
2.     Actor
3.     Creative Director
4.     Flight Attendant
5.     Journalist
6.     Entrepreneur/CEO
7.     Architect
8.     Personal Trainer
9.     Teacher
10.   Doctor
11.   Photographer
12.   Registered Nurse
13.   Engineer
14.   Model
15.   Chef

1.     Teacher
2.     Dentist
3.     Speech Pathologist
4.     Interior Designer
5.     Event Planner
6.     Lawyer
7.     Real Estate Agent
8.     Personal Trainer
9.     Registered Nurse
10.   Journalist
11.   Recruiter
12.   Musician
13.   Psychologist
14.   Model
15.   Flight Attendant

Did your profession make the most right-swiped Tinder list? (We're a little disappointed that superhero didn't...)

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