What's Your Tinder Anthem? Pimp Your Profile With Tinder's New Update

What's Your Tinder Anthem? Pimp Your Profile With Tinder's New Update

Tinder featuring Spotify has arrived...

As of today, Tinder have officially upped their online profile game. How? Well, they've only gone and teamed up with music streaming service Spotify to completely revolutionise your dating game... with the addition of sound. Now that is a Tinder update we can get excited about.

Yep, going forward you can now add music to your Tinder profile. In fact, powered by Spotify, you will soon be able to add your own personal 'anthem' to your Tinder profile to let all fellow singletons know your signature jam. For example, that Beyoncé track that gives you all the street-strut #LifeGoals? Why not pop it onto your Tinder profile for ultimate swipe-right sass.

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This whole new level of Tinder excitement aims to up the online dating game, by linking potential matches through their music taste. New features include the addition of your own personal Tinder anthem, and the capability to link with other Tinder users through Spotify. What's more, if you have your Spotify account connected, you can see what potential Tinder matches are into. So, if you are looking for someone to hit up the Warpaint show with, you can check out whether Mark, 35, is a fan.


So, how does it work? Tinder have issued a brief how-to guide to get your profile soundtracked in a jiffy - plus, you don't even need a Spotify account to take advantage of the changes:

1. Search Spotify to find your Anthem even if you haven’t connected your Spotify account to Tinder.
2. Visit your Profile Settings in Tinder to connect your Spotify account (or download Spotify from the App Store or Google Play to create a new account for free).
3. Select which of your favorite Spotify artists you’d like to display on your Tinder profile.
4. Start swiping to see who shares your taste in music.

Simples. Now we just have to decide on the Tinder anthem to soundtrack our life, right? For the lols, we threw the question out to the InStyle team. Some of the answers are well, a little surprising...

'So what you’re basically saying is… what song would be played when you come down in the love lift? It would have to be Sexual by Neiked...' Nick Spensley, Executive Fashion Director

'You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates.' Katie Thomas, Beauty Editor

'Bubble Butt by Major Lazer.' Cassie Steer, Beauty Director

'Love Me by Justin Bieber.' Rebecca Gillam, Digital Writer

'Careless Whisper by George Michael.' Jamie Spence, Deputy Picture Editor

'Walking On Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves.' George Driver, Beauty Writer

'Young Guns by Wham.' Chloe Mac Donnell, Features Writer

'Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot.' Emily Dean, Deputy Editor

'Closer by Ne Yo.' Amie-Jo Locke, Digital Writer

And finally, from our Editor Charlotte Moore...

'Born Slippy by Underworld.'


What would your Tinder anthem be? Leave your answers below... 

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