This Smartwatch Is The Best We’ve Tried For Fitness And Fashion Combined

This Smartwatch Is The Best We’ve Tried For Fitness And Fashion Combined

Fancy tracking your heart rate and mapping your cycling route, all while looking totally on trend? Meet the Fitbit Blaze.

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There are so many reasons to love the Fitbit Blaze, not least because of the way it looks. I found it so easy to integrate into my wardrobe, with its cool smartwatch chunky features, digital watch-face options and – get this – interchangeable straps, so you can mix and match to suit your outfit. Brilliant!

Of course, fashion isn’t the only reason to wear a Fitbit Blaze, although it does help when you’re a fashion editor like me; I wore mine to Fashion Week and it finished my outfits off perfectly. And there’s no excuse not to up your game in the fitness stakes as it has LOADS of features to enhance both your fitness regime and, my favourite bit, your everyday life.

For example, on average, I’ve usually done over 2,500 steps walking the dog and scaled eight flights of stairs before I’ve even left the house for work! Plenty to get your heart rate up without even making an effort (you can track your heart rate on the Fitbit Blaze too – very handy when you’re doing a full-on work-out as well as just running up and down the stairs during the morning rush). It also logs your time spent stationary and gives you reminders to move, which is great when you’re at work having a busy day at your desk and are starting to stiffen up.

Joggers and cyclists will love the connected GPS function that maps your route and gives you key stats like pace and duration, great if you’re working towards a specific goal. The fitbit app easily tracks all your daily data, so you can see how your doing over time and you can even connect with friends for step challenges. It also allows you to log your food intake if you‘re on a diet and watching your calories.

The Blaze lets you control your music and gives you alerts from calls, calendar and text – so you’ll definitely be the most chic person in the gym while still totally staying on top of your life admin.

And at the end of the day you can monitor your sleep too. Although it turns out that after a busy day running around that’s the last thing I need any help with. Just call me Mrs Eight And A Half Hours Uninterrupted Sleep…

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