9 Things You Only Know If You’re The Ultimate Third Wheel

9 Things You Only Know If You’re The Ultimate Third Wheel

Third wheels of the world, unite

Third wheeling: we’ve all been there, right? The world doesn’t always work like Noah’s ark with everyone in their pairs, and sometimes being the final point in a triangle can get a bit, well, annoying.

Some couples can be sickening with their excessive PDA (you know you are), while others make you even forget they’re together, but there still comes a point when all your friends are kissing their significant others goodbye and you’re standing there trying not to look like a creep.

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Whether you still feel uncomfortable in the presence of all this intimacy or have totally stopped caring about crashing their romantic Wagamama date (speaking from personal experience), here are 9 things every third wheel has definitely gone through at some point in their single career…

1. You’ve got love advice on tap, whether you want it or not; your cosy couple friends think that their 3am brawls and fights over Netflix qualify them to cure your singledom.

2. Crashing at a couple friends house? Prepare to share with the dog on the sofa (unless your friend’s partner is selflessly prepared to give up their own bed for you).

3. The price of being a single person isn’t something to be sniffed at. Shout out to all the single ladies (and men!) buying their own drinks at the bar.

4. Friday nights become a roulette of whose date nights you haven’t crashed in a while. Lucky couple number 7, you’re next!

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5. No matter how non-romantic your friends in relationships are, there will be a moment when they share a touching look, hand hold or smooch. There is literally nothing you can do in this situation to not feel awkward.

6. You will also find yourself in the middle of a blazing row, not wanting to get involved because what started out as ‘pass the salt’ is somehow World War 3.

7. Sitting on a table with an even number of chairs can be problematic. 

8. Dating apps become a constant source of fascination for your friends in relationships. It’s all fun and games for until you seriously consider swiping right on the guy that collects frog figurines just for some company.

9. Couples that speak as a unit have a knack for making you feel nice and lonely.

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Third wheel, seventh wheel (my personal specialty) or riding solo in a sea of boyfriends, girlfriends and hook-ups, never forget that you’re not alone!

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