10 Ways To Not Get Bored In The Bath

10 Ways To Not Get Bored In The Bath

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Bubbles are so 2000. We’re still all about long baths but nowadays we aren’t just satisfied with a glass of wine (like in those basic black and white greeting cards), we need more to entertain us while we bathe.

In some ways it’s a sad state of our attention spans or lack of time in today’s society, in others it does mean we can digest some prime stuff when we otherwise would just be pruning. Multi-tasking at its finest.

For some (rookies), the idea that you can listen to a podcast from le bain is groundbreaking stuff, for others, they’ve got their bath entertainment system — reminiscient of Margo in The Royal Tenenbaums — DOWN.

From selfies to Serial, here’s what Team InStyle likes to do in the bath…

Hannah Rochell, fashion features editor

‘I watch Homes Under The Hammer and The Great British Sewing Bee on my iPad. I make a stand for it out of a table and a loo roll so it's the right height to see when I am lying down!

Sometimes I listen to Chill FM if I'm having the sort of bath where you light candles and do a face mask.’

Jamie Spence, deputy picture editor

‘I listen to Radio Lab podcasts and just hit shuffle. I love learning about random stuff you would never even think to look up.’

George Driver, beauty writer

‘Soooooo I always take my laptop into the bathroom when I have a bath which is risky business. I put it on top of the toilet (perfect viewing height) and keep a towel nearby for water spillage! Ideally a glass of red wine is next to the laptop. And yes one time I did eat a bowl of pasta in the bath. Multi tasking people! I'll generally watch a Louis Theroux style documentary or historical BBC drama (I'm cool yeah?) and I definitely watched the entire of Making A Murderer in the bath.’

Charlotte Moore, editor

‘I watch Nigel Slater cooking shows in the evening or listen to The Today programme on Radio Four if its the morning.’

Josh Newis-Smith, shopping editor

‘I take self timed selfies in the bath...’

Rebecca Gillam (me), digital writer

‘I listen to the latest murdery podcast (was Serial season two, now Untold: The Daniel Morgan murder) and read newspaper supplements because it doesn't matter if they get wet.’

Arabella Greenhill, fashion director

‘On a good day eat Charbonel and Walker Rose Creams while watching Scandal or Revenge soaking in Aromatherapy Associates.’

Nick Spensley, executive fashion director

‘I have joint baths with my boyfriend. It is a good time for us to catch up and chat away from technology!’

Isabella Silvers, digital assistant

‘I read a hardback so I don't have to lug it on the tube. Or I actually catch up on magazines and rest the towel a convenient distance away so I can dry my hands.’

Georgia Allen, junior designer

‘A large glass of wine and a podcast.’

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