9 Things That Are Better To Do By Yourself

9 Things That Are Better To Do By Yourself

No, not masturbation…

At what age do you decide it’s o-k to do things on your own? When you don’t need the squad if you want to go somewhere or do something?

It’s kind of the dream — sassy, head strong, what power people do in films instead of spending hours on the Whatsapp group chat before setting up a Doodle to try and find a time anyone can do anything.

You probably don’t want to hit the clurb solo, but there are some activities that are actually better for an independent wo-man… After all, a little chilled out introspection is no bad thing and it’s important to know you can be on your own.

1. Go To The Cinema

It’s probably the most legit thing to do alone, but seeing a movie is brilliant — #1 it’s always so hard to plan that you end up not actually seeing the film you’ve talked about for months, #2 no chatting, #3 it’s dark so a good way to ease yourself in if you’re feeling weird about not being with your pals.

2. Eat In A Restaurant

Don’t be put off by waiter’s saying ‘table for one?’ in a snooty voice, it’s fine to eat alone. A book will give you a good focus so you’re not just staring around feeling like a weirdo.

3. Drink In The Pub (+ Paper)

People take against drinking alone but there’s a lot to be said for a casj cider in the sun, maybe with a paper. Especially great if you don’t have a garden.

4. Exercise

If you’re one of those people who ‘buddys up’ on every occasion, sports are the perfect opportunity to go solo. Classes, runs  — they’re all a good time to chill and think, and that out-of-breath run chatting is hugely overrated.

5. Go To A Gig

Apart from the in-between acts standing about, we rate going to music on your own. Again, it benefits from zero chat and you’ll be surrounded by likeminded mega-fans.

6. Go Shopping

Unless you’re a total sadomasochist, shopping with other should be avoided at all costs. Ignore the films, what you lose in input from friends, you gain in taking things at your own pace.

7. Book A Retreat

People freak at the idea of holidaying alone, so if you’re in that camp and no-one can get time off and you want a vacay, try a retreat. There’s a focus and a group so you won’t feel totally lost by all the time to yourself, and you can socialize as much as you’d like.

8. Have A Bruncheon

This could feature in two types of weekend days — waking up hungover and feeling like a proper breakfast while everyone else is asleep or unavailable OR having a smug Saturday where you brunch and yoga and chill. Both = totally legit.

9. Spend An Evening Alone

Have a bath, listen to a podcast, paint your nails, go to bed early... You'll feel 100% DREAMY and 0% like a loser.

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