The Workout Playlist by Psycle's Rhian Stephenson

The Workout Playlist by Psycle's Rhian Stephenson
Rhian Stephenson

This month Rhian Stephenson, Nutritionist and Managing Director of the highly addictive indoor spinning workout Psycle tells us what music gets her pumping

1. Drunk in Love (Diplo remix)

'I love all things Beyonce so find that it’s a good track to get me into the right headspace for a workout. The diplo remix is a little more energetic.' 


2. Bang Bang by Jessie J & Ariana Grande

'This is a great prep track once you’ve done some warm up. It helps get my heart rate up but keeps it light hearted before the serious work starts - it makes me want to dance around so just automatically lifts my energy! A little guilty pleasure is a great way to start the workout in a positive mindset.' 


3. DJ Turn it Up by Yellow Claw

'I love doing quick runs out of the saddle on a spin bike. It’s incredible for the physique - since you keep your pace consistently high throughout the whole track, the load stays on your cardiovascular system rather than your legs so it keeps you lean and gives you a huge metabolic burn. You need a fast song with a strong beat that you can match the whole way through - it never lets up!'


4. Hanging on by Ellie Goulding (I See Monstas Remix)

'This song feels upbeat but serious & urgent at the same time.. as the beat builds the lyrics keep you going through anything that’s high intensity.' 


5. Listen by David Guetta feat John Legend 

'This is a great track for the middle of a workout. It has a beautiful mix of instrumental & strong vocals against a beat that builds into a couple of peaks. Great for intervals.' 


6. You & Me by Bassnectar feat W Darling

'This is an older one but I still find it incredibly uplifting and energetic - it’s fantastic for longer, maximum effort runs. I use it for hills, it keeps building towards an emotional peak that somehow makes me forget about the pain.' 


7. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson feat Bruno Mars (Drums On Acid Remix)

'A stronger, fun version of such a great tune.' 


8. Core by RL Grime

'I always love to have one gritty track to mentally prep me for power intervals. It’s great to play while you’re doing some drills before you get into a big set - it builds confidence and makes you feel ready to take on any set…. no matter how gruelling!' 


9. Who’s That Chick by David Guetta Feat Rihanna (Afrojack Tipsy Dub Remix) 

'Fast, fun, strong beat the whole way through. Great energy from beginning to end.' 


10. Human by Christina Peri

'I like warming down to slower songs with strong vocals. I use Ed Sheernan & Sam Smith a lot as well. Anything that feels calming yet uplifting is a great stretch song.' 

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