The Secret To Jessica Alba's Killer Body Is Something VERY Delicious

The Secret To Jessica Alba's Killer Body Is Something VERY Delicious

Jessica Alba has revealed the one thing she *always* does to keep her figure in check and it's something we actually WANT to do for ourselves...

Jessica Alba has long stood as one of our major sources of fitspiration. Not only does she have a perfectly toned physique but she's managed to hold on to her sexy curves that really make her body one of the best in the biz.

However, with an acting career that just won't quit, a billion dollar business under her belt AND a brood of her own to appease, you'd be right for thinking that the 34-year-old Sin City star has next to no time to workout and keep fit. So, what we want to know is how the heck does she still look this hot? Unbelievably, we have the answer... 

Speaking exclusively to our sister site InStyle US, Jessica revealed that the one thing she always does to keep her figure at its peak is guzzle on a daily smoothie. Yep, we told you it was delicious! Whats more, she even went on to share the very recipe that she credits her bod to.

You may want to jot this one down... 

'I make smoothies on the run. My Favourite smoothie right now? I’ve been drinking a lot of matcha green tea with vegan and vanilla protein and banana and almond milk and ice. So, it’s a nice like caffeine jolt and some protein.'

There you have it. And it's clearly working for her. 

Of course, smoothies aren't exactly a new fad but choosing what you put into yours can make all the difference when it comes to your figure and can even go as far as to heal your existing ailments. In fact, we love them — and our Nutribullets — so much we've done the hard work to find the smoothie recipes you need to give your health a major boost. 

Check out our go-to smoothie recipes here and, along with Jessica's matcha and vanilla fav, you could be on track for your healthiest summer yet.

Happy blending! 

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