The Perfect Trainers For A Half Marathon

The Perfect Trainers For A Half Marathon

Trainers can make a huge difference to your performance but can be the hardest part of your kit to get right. Here's how I found my perfect pair...

I’ve recently started training for a half marathon (uh oh) and then….fingers crossed….a full marathon. It was a struggle at first; I’ve always considered myself quite fit, but running was never my forte. It’s now getting easier and I’m starting to really enjoy it, but as my distance increases I’ve noticed that, as much as I love my trainers, they  don’t quite cut it. To be honest they were more of a fashion choice than a practical one.

A quick look online and dash around the shops left me confused and feeling overwhelmed by the vast choice on offer. So I headed to the specialist store Profeet  before splashing the cash as they offer a free analysis service to find the perfect shoe. Running in shoes that don’t suit can lead to all kinds of injury and really won’t help your training. Profeet also have a more extensive service that looks at every aspect of your running style, great if you have any injuries.

I ran on the treadmill in my current shoes, which, as expected, I’m told are totally wrong for me! And then barefoot. This was used to get an accurate analysis of my lopsided running style and what shoes could help me run better; there’s nothing quite like repeatedly watching a video of yourself on a treadmill to realise your leggings are totally threadbare and in serious need of replacement! I was brought a selection of new shoes to try, and after running in each of them the Brooks GTS 15 Support are the ones for me…the comfiest trainers I’ve ever had. 

Here are some other running shoes that could be your perfect companion for that half marathon

Brooks GTS 15 Support £110

Saucony Zealot ISO £115

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31 £85


Asics Gel-Nimbus 17 Neutral £135


Under Armour Speed Form Gemini £110




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