5 Instagram Vegan Pudding Recipes You Can Make Tonight

5 Instagram Vegan Pudding Recipes You Can Make Tonight

These vegan desserts looks anything but healthy…But they are!

Being vegan does mean you have to partake in a no-meat, no-egg, no-daily diet, but don’t assume that it also means no fun! Thanks to the powers of Instagram we bring you the most indulgent vegan desserts of the Internet. Surprisignly tasty, super healthy and ohh-so-clean, you can satisfy your sweet tooth by swapping your calorie-loaded cake for any of the following. Chocolate pies? Sticky buns? Maple syrup popsicle? It doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

We also like to think that because you’ve carved off the calories by removing those naughty trans fats and refined sugar you’d also be entitled to have a second helping. So we’re just going to make up some fake health food assumption and presume that that’s totally fine. Ahem....Moving swiftly on.

Whether your trying to impress a foodie friend, a family member, or simply trying out a niche market purely out of interest, we present the most mouthwatering sweet treats that are not only 100% vegan, but 100% delicious.

It’s time to get your bake on with some of the most indulgent deserts around. Check out our top 5 below:


@RebeccaYoung: Almond & Chocolate Cookies 


@Caileighsspace: Sticky Buns


@ChocolateCoveredKatie: Chocolate Infinity Pie



@AnettVelsberg: Peanut Butter Cups



@FlourishingHealth: Maple Caramel Popsicles



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