The Juice Cleanse For People Who Like Burgers..

The Juice Cleanse For People Who Like Burgers..

If you want a juice cleanse that won't leave you hungry, this one from Plenish could be the one for you….

What is it?

Plenish Level 1: Harmony Cleanse

Sorry you lost me at harmony, what does that even mean? 

The website describes this as the juice cleanse for people who always order a side of spinach with their burger and chips. So I thought, sign me up!

I actually do kind of live on burgers and chips, is this cleanse for me? 

Well, I’m not going to lie to you, it isn’t easy. I seriously craved salt (and the chips that went with them would have been pretty nice too) and chewing anything became a distant dream.

Will I want to raid the biscuit tin come 4pm with hunger? 

You know what, this is actually the only juice cleanse where I didn’t feel like I would rip a man’s arm off if he was holding a bag of crisps. The juices are large so you don’t have that empty feeling that other cleanses give you, I actually didn’t even finish some of them. Also when I had my biggest hunger pang I had the Spicy Lemonade which has chilies in it so that quelled it instantly.

I have a busy working life and a busy social life, when would you recommend doing it?

Clear your diary, because enduring a trip to the pub and staring at icy cold Gin and Tonic’s will make you want to rip your hair out (and your credit card too probably) I did it during the week but next time I would book it so the cleanse ran in to the weekend so I could have naps and relax.

I do go to the gym a lot, will I still be able to do this?

I am training for the Nike 10K and on the first day of the cleanse I managed to do 8K, which I was very surprised about and also probably wasn’t a good idea. Just before the race at about 6:30 I felt incredibly energized after my spicy lemonade.

So what makes it worth it? 

The morning after the 8K I went to a barcorre class with the InStyle Fashion Fit crew and they all remarked on how I was “glowing” which I know people always say in reviews of cleanses, but it was true, I really was!

A Plenish Cleanse starts from £81 for 1 day (6 juices)

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