The Body Coach AKA Joe Wicks On How To Keep HIITting The Gym

Creator of #leanin15, The Body Coach aka Joe Wicks let us in on his top tips for how to keep up the fitness regime when the January blues set in...


We'll be honest, we just can't get our heads round enjoying exercise, what's a quick and painless way to fit a workout in?

'I'm a massive fan of doing HIIT sessions so if you haven’t got a lot of time you can still keep fit and lean. If you don’t have the time or energy in the evening you really have to make time in the morning. A half an hour HITT session will burn loads of calories, which means you can eat more food and enjoy your day.'


But how often do we have to do it to actually make a difference?

'My clients are in sessions 4 – 5 days a week. So 2 or 3 full rest days then exercise 4 days a week is enough to maintain a lean healthy body and also be able enjoy your food. That’s what it's all about. People love food, so if you want to treat yourself, you need to workout.'


Is there any way we can workout without leaving the house?

'Check out my YouTube videos - theres loads where I'm in a hotel room, or in a tiny space that's just big enough for a yoga matt. Things like running on the spot gets your heart rate up so you don't need loads of equipment, you can just do it at home.'


Right, we're committing to a piece of 'kit', what should we get?

'I would say a set of these resistance bands. You can do most things like squats and press-ups with them and in terms of pulling exercises they're great for things like curls and rows.'


We want to focus on toning our bums, what one thing should we do?

'Lunges. Walking lunges with dumb bells and really big steps. Jumping squats and jumping lunges are good as well but walking lunges with weights are the best - when I do them my bum feels sore for days and I walk like a cowboy! Sitting down is a no go!'


Now we want to focus on our tummy…

'You're never going to get abs unless you get in the kitchen and sort your food out. Once you have, things like the plank are great but you've got to focus on nutrition.'


And our arms?

'Press ups - they work your chest, arms and legs. Don't expect to go into a full press up straight away, always start on your knees. Focus on building up your strength over a couple of weeks and then go into a full press up. If you need advice on how to do it properly, there's loads of great YouTube tutorials.'


Our commitment is weak at best, how do you stay motivated?

'Everyone always asks me that but for me, I exercise because I enjoy it. But for other people, joining a class is a great idea. Get a workout buddy with a similar schedule to yours and train together. Plan your week and commit to it! You wouldn't miss a meeting or dinner with your friend so make sure you write your gym session to the diary and actually go! And remember, if you get bored, just mix things up and challenge yourself.'


Ok we've done our workout and now we want a reward - what are we allowed to eat?

'After an intense workout, a bagel is great. Try a bagel with chicken and lettuce, it'll give you protein and carbs which is what you need. I always say to my clients if you like having oats, rice, pasta or bread, eat them after you train.'


What's your treat of choice?

'I'm weird, if I've got to get a train to Manchester to see a client, I'll happily eat cold curry for breakfast. I try and follow the rule of 'Prep it like a Boss' and prepare food for the week like thai green curry or stir fries. But if you're going to do it, just make sure it tastes good cold, or you've got a microwave!'

Fitness First has appointed Joe Wicks as an ambassador to demonstrate how fitness, combined with healthy eating can boost a person's overall mood and wellbeing. For more information visit

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