The Best Yoga Holidays And Four Other Ways To Get Fit On Vacation

The Best Yoga Holidays And Four Other Ways To Get Fit On Vacation

Want to come back from your holiday with a tan AND a better toned body than when you left? Here's how...

Holidays don't just have to involve lying by the pool and pigging out at the dessert buffet. We've found the best holidays that promise to get you healthier, fitter and sleeping better. Tan and pool time also included. Here's how...

The One If You Want Rosie Huntington-Whitely's Body

James Duigan, AKA the founder of Bodyism AKA Rosie Huntington-Whitely's former personal trainer has teamed up with the D-Hotel Maris on Turkey’s Datca Peninsula to offer a Clean & Lean residency partnership. The programmes are specifically designed to strip fat, enhance health, improve posture and increase performance so you are guaranteed to see dramatic results. The muscle pain doesn't feel so bad though when you relax in the bathtub on your own private balcony overlooking the sparkling sea.



The One If You're On A Budget

From £525 you can take part in this week long retreat tucked away in the hills of Fuetevnura. The price includes all pilates, yoga and meditation classes, meals and a massage. When InStyle's Picture Director Charlie Hall visited it last summer she came back as the most zen we have ever seen her. 'The classes are mixed with both yoga and pilates which is great and surfing in the day as an added extra,' Charlie explains. 'The instructors are really knowlegable and inspiring. The yummy food is by Jo Dombernowsky, the resident chef and pilates instructor, all following a holistic and inspiring ayurvedic influences.'  With cheap flights to the Canary Islands, we reckon this is definitely one of the most affordable healthy holidays you can do.



The One If You Spend All Day In A Stuffy Office

Situated in the lush green mountains of Switzerland you'll find the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. As Europe's leading wellbeing and medical centre, this is the place to be if you want to really focus on resetting your body and mind. But don't worry we're not talking military style classes and tiny plates of chicken. Instead guests are encourged to spend as much time outdoors as possible making the most of the rugged terrain by hiking and partaking in Nordic walking. Horseback riding and biking are also available. Once you've walked your legs to the point of exhaustation you can head to the thermal spa for a well deserved massage. That combination of all that exercise plus the fresh air is sure to leave you sleepy.



The One If You Want To Change Your Bad Habits For Good

Personal trainer Matt Roberts and his team have a no nonsense approach to fitness which give you the results you want quickly and effictively. He's teamed up with the swanky Lime Wood Hotel, in the New Forest to offer a retreat that focuses on encouraging you to 'reconsider the way in which you approach exercise and also to inspire you to think differently about your lifestyle choices.' Alongside ten hours of personal training, there's massages, dinner at the Chef's table and sessions where you can quiz the industry experts. Plus if you want to know what it's like to live and train like a celebrity then his retreat at The Lakes by Yoo in the Cotswolds is a must-do. You stay at Elle MacPherson's lakeside house while taking part in a varied workout programme featuring Elle's faves like yoga, pilates, boxing and swimming. With a daily massage in the Bamford Spa, a private chef plus a chauffeur you'll really get to live the supermodel dream. Plus leave with a better body.


Matt Roberts


The One If You Need To Lose Weight Fast

At No Bootcamp, they claim that their campers can lose over 3kg / 7lb in seven days through military style fitness exercises, brisk walks across the beach, yoga and a specialised healthy eating plan. It's really popular among reality TV stars (Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews credits them with transforming his body) so you can expect to workout next to someone you've probably seen pop up on your TV screen looking slightly chubbier at some stage. Their original residence is in Norfolk but they also have retreats in Marrakech and Ibiza. Sounds like our kind of post party recovery.


Bikini body ready? Here's the healthy way...


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