The 5-Minute Secret Behind Jennifer Aniston's Killer Body Is ACTUALLY Doable

The 5-Minute Secret Behind Jennifer Aniston's Killer Body Is ACTUALLY Doable

Jennifer Aniston has one of the best physiques in Hollywood but it's not all down to good genes. Her personal trainer has dished the dirt on how to get her amazing bod, and it's way easier than you'd think...

Jennifer Aniston has been in the public eye for over two decades but our love for her has never wained — from her impossibly glossy tresses to her faultless red carpet looks, she's long held the title of one of our ultimate pin-ups. And that's before we even get started on her body... 

She may be 46-years-old but she's still got a physique we could only dream of calling our own. With her toned pins, sculpted arms and washboard stomach, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's the direct result of a gruelling, 5-hour-a-day workout which she's been steadily perfecting for the last twenty years but you'll be very pleased to hear that she manages to keep trim in a way more laid back way. Huzzah! 

The actress' 'better living expert' Kathy Kaehler — who helps her manage her diet — has *finally* spoken out on her most famous client's regime and has revealed the secrets behind her figure. 

Rather than following fad diets and cutting out snacks, Kathy has made the shock revelation that Jen chows down on not three but FIVE meals a day! Now this is a diet we can get on board with...

Obviously we're not talking pizza and chocolate cake but Kathy insists that it's Jennifer's smaller but more frequent meals that help her keep her body at its trimmest. 

Giving us even more insight into Jen's eating habits, her personal trainer went on to say: 'I don't believe in calorie counting. I advise everyone to go out and buy your food for the week ahead on a Sunday, so you're not tempted to pick up takeaway food or pre-packaged ready meals on your way home on weekdays. Jen would never sit there and eat an entire pack of cookies, but she would have one if she really fancies it and savour every bite.' That's right ladies — willpower is STILL imperative. 

'Jen does everything in moderation. She'll have a glass of red wine with a friend and really enjoy it, rather than two bottles and feel terrible for days.'

If you want to eat just like Jennifer, you'll definitely want to jot this lot down on your next shopping list. Apparently she'll typically eat scrambled eggs with chili for her breakfast and then white fish for lunch. So far, so good but what happens when she gets those mid-morning cravings? She heads straight for a mix dark chocolate, goji berries and chia seeds. Delish... 

The A-list trainer went on to say: 'Jen knows that looking young comes from a holistic approach to life and taking care of your mind, body and soul. If you're stressed, you'll look tired. If you make an effort to be happy, it'll show on your face; you'll look energised.'

And, as it turns out, her workout is just as doable. Instead of spending hours aimlessly running on the treadmill, Jen partakes in five calorie-torching workout blasts, each lasting five minutes in length. Yep, a 25-minute workout is REALLY all it takes! Here's how she breaks it down: 

  • One minute of non-stop skipping
  • One minute of tricep dips
  • One minute of tricep kickbacks
  • One minute of push-ups against a wall
  • One minute of floor push-ups

We don't know about you but if this can help us look the teeniest bit like Jen-An, we're more than willing to try it out! Let us know how you get on trying her workout by tweeting us at @InStyle_UK

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