11 Teenage Dates We Kind Of Want To Go On Again

11 Teenage Dates We Kind Of Want To Go On Again

Pizza Hut + Cineworld = SO romantic

Ah, dating. As an actual adult, it’s all mentally calculating if you can even afford to split the bill and comparing your date IRL to their Tinder URL, but remember when things were way simpler?

Back in the day, all you had to worry about was whether your jeans matched your denim handbag and popping a Tic Tac before your date pulled the yawn move and put their arm around you in the cinema. To be honest, we kind of miss those dates.

So from Tenpin bowling to going upmarket at Pizza Express, these are the 11 dates we kind of wish we were going on instead…

Only this time, with alcohol. And preferably glow in the dark

Early Afternoon Cinema Trips
Getting there before the cinema even opens? Keen. But at least you could ditch them and meet your friends in town afterwards

Cinema Group Dates
Trying to sit next to your crush so you could get ‘scared’ and cosy up. Then hacking into their hidden MySpace comments when you got home to see if anyone had asked them about you (true story)

Pizza Hut
Buffet, naturally

For when you got a bit older

Pizza Express
For when you were feeling fancy (and your date had found a deal)

Going To A Theme Park
You’d have to be pretty far into your relationship to do this as a twosome and not just sidle off on a school trip

Or Just The Park
Good for some ‘privacy’ and playing on the swings

School Discos
Ok, so this is old school, but wearing your best glitter eyeshadow and hanging around by the tuck shop was all we talked about for weeks

When we were old enough to order Malibu and coke or pitchers of Woo Woo for ourselves

Ice Skating
For Christmas romance. Things got funky at the Ice Disco

Those were the days... But if it all goes wrong, here are 11 ways to get out of a bad Tinder date...

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