Taylor Swift: The Workout That Will Get You Her Body

Taylor Swift: The Workout That Will Get You Her Body

Forget those cameo appearances from Karlie Kloss, Cindy Crawford and Cara Delevigne. When Taylor Swift's Bad Blood music video was finally released all we wanted to know was how can we look like her...

With teaser after teaser of cameos from Karlie Kloss, Cindy Crawford and Cara Delevigne to name a few it's fair to say we were pretty excited about the official release of Taylor Swift's Bad Blood music video. But when we finally got to click play and watch the video in full, it wasn't Gigi Hadid's nor Ellie Goulding's appearances we were talking about but instead how amazingly strong and powerful Taylor was looking.

From her flat abs in that white latex two piece, to her lean muscled arms in a black leather crop as she throws punches at Karlie Kloss and her long toned legs as she stomps through flames with her girlgang, we bet we aren't the only ones who found themselves pinning photos of Taylor to their #fitspiration board.

So in the name of investagative fitness journalism I headed off to Fitness First, in Bishopsgate to meet with personal trainer Amanda O Hare to find out just what you'd really need to do get Tay Tay's body. I meet her in what I've dubbed the red room, not only for its aesthetic - all red laser lights and red flooring - but also for it's Fifty Shades-esque looking machinery.


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As Taylor is long and lean, Amanda suggested a muscle toning workout for sleek looking body. She took me through a workout that she had created and broken down into key body sections - arms, legs, abs and bum - to attain an overall toned silhouette just like Taylor's got.

According to Amanda you should aim to do the full workout at least once a week, I did it in 60 minutes but I reckon one you know what you're doing you could blast through it in 45 mins, and for a real body like Taylor's should try do it three times a week.

But depending on your time available Amanda explained you could mix and match the body parts so arms and legs on a Monday then abs and bum on Wednesday and so on. This routine combined with a nutritious diet full of wholesome proteins, vegetables and low GI carbs - makes for a killer T-Swizzle combination.

I left the red room, sweating, shaking but also feeling slightly smug that I was one squat closer to Taylor's pert behind. Here's how you can too.. p.s. it's best done while listening to Taylor Swift (obvs) so there's a song listed below for each set too....

To Start 

Listen to: Welcome To New York - upbeat and confident - this workout has 'been waitin for you...' 

Warm up - 5 minutes on the cross trainer or jogging to warm up the muscles and joints to get ready to exercise, prevent injury and be mentally prepared.  Add in bodyweight squats, lunges and arm circles to get the body really ready.

For Taylor-esque Arms...

Listen to: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. It's got a regular beat that you can push throught the burn to.

Here's how...

1. Tricep dips - 3 x 10-15 reps, 30 secs rest in between each set. 

Equipment: Use a box or a step. A park bench works too. 


Amanda says: 'Sitting on the edge of the step, hands close either side of the body, take your bum off the step and lower your body until elbows reach 90 degrees before pushing to the top of the movement. Keep your torso as close to the step as possible.' 

2. Press ups - 3 x 10-15 reps, 30 secs rest in between each set. 

Equipment: Use a box if your full floor press ups aren't strong.


Amanda says: 'With your hands shoulder width apart, bring one foot forward to support you, bend at the elbows and lower until your chest reaches the box, before pushing back to the top of the movement, keeping your core tight throughout.' 

3. Dumbell Lateral Raise - 3 x 12-15 reps , 30 secs rest in between each set 

Equipment: One pair of dumbells - start with 4kg until you build your strength up 


Amanda says: 'Stand up right with your core tight and shoulders back, raise the Dumbells until they reach shoulder height, keeping a slight bend at the elbow throughout, before returning to the bottom.' 

To Get Taylor Swift Abs...

Listen to: Bad Blood. Abs exercises are literally the worst when it comes to the no-pain no-gain mantra, so close your eyes, pretend they're your enemy and blast through them.

Here's how...

1. Plank toe taps 


Amanda says: 'Lying face down on the floor, bring the elbows directly underneath the shoulders, raise the body up onto the toes keeping the core tight and breathing evenly, tap a toe out to the side and return to the centre, repeating each side, whilst maintaining the strong plank position. Toe tap 10-20 times depending on level. Rest 60 secs before repeating a further 2 times.' 

2. Sandbell oblique slam -

Equipment: A mid-weight sandbell 


Amanda says: 'Kneeling on a mat, take a mid weight Sandbell and slam it down to one side, pick it up again both hands raise it up by your head slamming to the other side, sinking your bum to your heels. Keep repeating 10-15 times each side.' 

3. Full sit up


Amanda says: 'Lying on your back, feet on the floor and arms outstretched overhead, squeeze the abs, take a nice deep breath before exhaling to reach your arms up, crunching until  You can touch your feet, then return to the floor. This may take practise, you can use a Sandbell to hold your feet in place for practise.' 

For A Taylor Swift-esque Bum

Listen to: 22 - you're half way through and those happy exercise endorphins should be kicking in. Even if they're not as Taylor sings: 'Everything will be alright.'


Here's how...

1. Sandbell Curtsey Lunge - 10-15 times each side, 3 sets, 30 secs rest in between each set. 


Amanda says: 'Hug a heavy Sandbell close to your chest. Keeping your torso upright and your tummy tight, start with your feet together, then step one leg behind you and across, bending the knee lowering into a Curtsey. Return to standing and switch legs,. Take your time to get the balance. ' 

2. Single Leg Hip Bridge


Amanda says: 'Lie on your back and relax the upper body. Outstretch one leg and keep the other foot on the floor. Push through your heel to raise your hips high so both legs are level, squeeze the glutes and core at the top before lowering to the floor. Repeat 8-12 times then switch legs. Do 3 sets of each with 30 secs rest in between each set. 

3. Squats  - 15-18  reps, 3 sets, 30 secs rest  in between each set. 

Equipment: A step/ box/ park bench plus a kettlebell/ dumbell 


Amanda says: 'Use a step or box to give you somewhere to aim towards. Cup a fairly heavy Kettlebell or dumbell close to the chest for resistance.  Keep it close to the torso and keep the torso upright to protect the spine.  Place your feet slightly wider than the hips, bend at the knees and lower towards the box, squeezing glutes and core, before returning to the top of the movement.  

To Get Taylor Swift Legs 

Listen to: Shake It Off - squats and lunges are kind of like dancing right? Which is exactly what this song makes you want to do.

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Here's how...

1. Dumbell Bulgarian Split Squat - Repeat 12-15 times for each leg for 3 sets, 30 secs rest in between each set. 

Equipment: One pair of dumbells plus a step or park bench. 


Amanda says: 'With a dumbell relaxed in each hand either side of the body, raise the rear leg onto a step. Then place the front leg a good step forward, keep the core tight and body upright. Bend at the knees to lower and return to the top.' 

2. VIPR Lateral Lunge - 12-15 reps on each leg. 3 sets. 30 secs rest in between each set. 

Equipment: A VIPR or a tall funnel shaped pipe that you can lean on. 


Amanda says: 'Start with the VIPR centrally in front of you. Take a big step to one side, lowering the VIPR with you in the hand of the same side by bending at the knee sitting into a squatted position with the other leg fully extended. Then push back up to the centre, before repeating the movement. Repeat on the other leg.' 

For more information and to book a session with Amanda O' Hare's check out Fitness First, or check out more of the best celebrity workouts.

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