Strictly Come Dancing: Why You Can Foxtrot Your Way To A Killer Bod

Strictly Come Dancing: Why You Can Foxtrot Your Way To A Killer Bod

There's a reason why even the most work-shy celebs on Strictly shed serious pounds competing on the show. Here's why dancing can do wonders for your waistline, plus get a sneak peek at Strictly Come Dancing's Iveta Lukosiute's class with the InStyle Team.

It's a serious calorie-burner
An hour of fast-paced dancing like salsa, jive and samba can burn up to 510 calories. That's more than the average gym session. And will you get to add a whole new raft of sexy steps to your repertoire down at the gym? No you will not.

Dancing exercises specific muscle groups
The lower-body action on quick dances like the salsa and jive will slim down your hips, waist and legs while keeping a tight frame with your partner during the waltz can give you toned Michelle Obama arms. And if you want to strengthen your calves then channel the Strictly pros by slipping into a pair of heels for your lesson.

It's good for your heart
Studies have found that just 20 minutes of dance three times a week can improve the health of your heart better than a normal cardio workout.

It's also amazing for your core
Your core muscles work to stabilise and control the rest of your body. Because dancing is all about controlled movements and balance you'll be giving the core a workout without realising it.

It improves posture
Dancing exercises the muscles around your spine which control your posture. Which is why you never see Darcey Bussell slouching.

It makes you happy
The combined endorphins produced by exercise and listening to music have proven to help combat depression and anxiety. Happy Feet really is a thing.

Strictly Fitness by numbers

6 - the number of dress sizes Lisa Riley dropped during her time on the show in 2012
510 - the number of calories burned doing an hour of jiving
7 - the number of centimetres Kimberley Walsh had lost off her hips by the 2012 final
1 - the number of stones Mark Wright has lost so far on this year's Strictly
28 - the number of pounds shed by John Sergeant in 2008

Watch Team InStyle's Strictly Dance Lesson!

When Strictly Come Dancing's ultra-fabulous Iveta Lukosiute - who partnered Thom Evans this season -  offered to give Team InStyle a dance lesson, we all responded with a very excited YES PLEASE!

Here are the results of our dance session. Some of us might have been a little more co-ordinated than others…

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