Stella McCartney's Cool New Sportswear Brand Will Get You Into The Gym

Stella McCartney's Cool New Sportswear Brand Will Get You Into The Gym

The idea of exercising just became more appealing that to Stella's latest sportswear offering

Hands up who has a New Year's resolution that includes getting fit and exercising more?

And how many of you have made that same resolution every year and never got so far as putting a toe near a treadmill? Yup, us too.

Clearly, we need all the help we can get when it comes to exercising in January. Bribing aside, if there's one thing that will help get us into the gym, it's the promise of not looking totally stupid whilst attempting to work out on the cross trainer.

If there's anyone that can make us look like a pro amongst the actual pros, it's the woman behind the British Olympic team's kit. So step forward Stella McCartney and her new collaboration with Adidas: StellaSport.

Having collaborated with Adidas for ten years (the duo celebrate their anniversary this summer), Stella is now taking her sportswear offering to the next level with a range aimed at a younger, edgier consumer who likes working out, but also might just want to wear sportswear without ever stepping near a yoga mat.

Comprising colourful and patterned tank tops and accessories, truckers caps, and backpacks, this collection is designed to be worn as much in the gym as out on the street.

'It takes the Stella girl from the campus to the club and finds a link in sport and technology without sacrificing style,' Stella told WWD.

'There are signature moments, like our new self-laced sneakers, that give individual personality. These pieces are designed to complement your life and be totally realistic that fashion and sport technology are here to stay as a huge part of our life and wardrobes, and this is the attitude we are shouting about.'

Launching in just 10 days time on 15th January, there's really no excuse not to keep up with those promises to exercise. Not if you can look this good whilst doing it.

StellaSport will be available trhrough as well as at Topshop.

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