The Gym Kit You'll Be Wearing From Barre To Brunch

The Gym Kit You'll Be Wearing From Barre To Brunch
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The cool girl's guide to looking stylish in the gym...

Bye-bye Prosecco and cheese, hello Miso soup. There’s no escaping it, this really is the season of the gym. So if, like me, you’ve swung from party dresses to PJs in the past two weeks, now is the time to rethink your workout and get some insta-worthy sportswear.

For me, reality kicked in on my first day back at work. We were discussing exercise classes and it went a bit like this. “You’re not really into fitness are you?” Me: “well, I kind of am”. Her: “It's just you never talk about the gym (queue massive backtracking) “and I just thought you were a naturally super-skinny person.” To be honest, it was like a massive slap in the face. While the inner me thinks I’m working-out almost every day, the actual me hasn’t seen the gym in almost a month.

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The celebrities are all over it, too, with MIC’s Binky as the face of Reebok and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s chic new activewear range for M&S. Sportswear is becoming the acceptable look for the Saturday morning coffee run, there really is no excuse.

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So on your marks, get set... here are the need-to-know sporty trends for ’17:

Let’s talk leggings: More is more

This trend is led by the elite hot-bod celebs (think Karlie Kloss, Alessandro Ambrosia and Millie Mackintosh). These super fit girls opt for bright colours and snazzy prints. If you fear looking like you’ve got candy coloured tree trunks for legs; don’t knock it until you have tried it. Ease yourself in with something subtle and go for a lower price (New Look has a brilliant fitness range) if you just want to give them a go. For all out colour, the modern way to go is with block panelling. Super-flattering and available from the likes of Laain, Charli Cohen and Sweaty Betty.

The hottest print-style we’re loving this year is ombre. Nike have done their classic dry-fit leggings in an amazing purple to lilac fade. At £60 they’re on the pricey side but I promise they’ll last you years without any awkward knee sag.

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What’s new for crop tops?

With active-wear needing to work outside as well as inside the gym, it needs to be super-flattering. If you’ve got a smaller bust, try Track & Bliss, who specialize in gorgeous feminine pieces that your boyfriend might actually like too. If on the other hand you can’t ditch the high-neck, wide shoulder-strap and need that extra support, then look for styles with cut-outs or statement logos for a 2017 refresh.

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Long sleeve tops are KEY

Remember people, it’s winter! If you focus on buying just one thing new then one of these is a must. High street brands have really extended their active-wear recently and moved on from just leggings and vests alone. H&M and Gap have totally nailed long sleeve tops that are ideal for outside running whilst being nice enough to be wearing all day long.

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