Total babe Jemma Kidd is a sirtfood fan

Total babe Jemma Kidd is a sirtfood fan

You’ve probably heard about it sometime in the last few months and the conversation will have played out like this… ‘I’m on the Sirtfood Diet.’ ‘The what?’ ‘The Sirtfood Diet’… ‘Ahh.’ *What the EFF is the Sirtfood Diet?*

So, to avoid any more awks conversations about dietary topics you really should be au fait with, read this…

What is the Sirtfood Diet?

The Sirtfood Diet is the most hyped diet of 2016 — mainly because it allows red wine and chocolate and so everyone’s freakin’. It’s based on eating a diet rich in ‘sirtfoods’, which tested in Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten’s book The Sirt Food Diet.

What are Sirtfoods?

Sirtfoods, or sirtuin-trigger foods, are a type of food (obvs) which work by activating proteins in the body (called sirtuins) that regulate how our bodies deal with sugar and fat. These proteins are thought to regulate processes like inflammation, metabolism and ageing, as well as protecting cells from dying when they are under stress AND increasing our ability to burn fat and boost metabolism.

According to researchers, they mimic what happens in the body when we fast or exercise which can lead to a longer, healthier life. (We heart sirtuins.)

Examples of Sirtfoods

  • Drinks – green tea (ideally matcha), red wine (especially pinot noir), black coffee
  • Fruits and veg – citrus fruits, apples, blueberries, capers, rocket, celery, chilli, kale, red onion, medjool dates, red chickory, strawberries
  • Herbs and spices – parsley, turmeric
  • Snacks – dark chocolate (85% cocoa or more), walnuts
  • Other – extra virgin olive oil, buckwheat

What are the results of the Sirt Diet like?

The Sirtfood Diet was trialled on gym-goers in West London and each of the participants reported 7 lbs weight loss (while maintaining muscle ) and higher energy levels in a week.

Mr Goggins, one of the authors of The Sirtfood Diet, told The Times: ‘The original trial was all about stimulating rejuvenation and cellular repair.

‘We had no concept that the average weight loss would be half a stone [...] Because there was a degree of calorie restriction, we knew that people would lose weight, but this was way beyond what we had imagined.’

What do you have to do on the Sirtfood plan?

It’s in two phases — the first lasts a week and you have to keep calories to under 1000 calories for days 1-3, which must include three Sirtfood green juices and a Sirt food-rich meal. For days 4-7, the calorie intake is increased to 1500 calories, includig two Sirtfood green juices and two Sirtfood-rich meals.

The second phase — the ‘maintenance phase’ — lasts 14 days and this is where the weight loss happens.

Though Goggins and Matten believe it’s a sustainable way to lose weight, their initial focus was on cell rejuvination and maintaining a healthy body.

If you want to do it long term (after the three weeks are complete), they recommend three Sirtfood-rich meals a day and one Sirtfood green juice.

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