Single Dish Restaurants: The 10 Eateries To Visit When You Want To Keep Things Simple

Single Dish Restaurants: The 10 Eateries To Visit When You Want To Keep Things Simple

Where to visit the single dish restaurants that stick to what they’re good at

Single dish restaurants take all the hassle out of choosing what to eat; from cereal to crisps (yes, really), these restaurants stick to what they’re good at and serve up variations on some of the nation’s favourite dishes. Hungry yet? We’ve rounded up the best one dish restaurants for when you’ve got a specific craving that only one dish will satisfy…

Cereal Killer Café
They were hailed as the ultimate hipsters when they opened their first cereal-filled café in East London, but with another café in Camden and a Birmingham eatery in the works, these bearded brothers aren’t going anywhere. 


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Bubbledogs serve over 17 kinds of hotdogs (with every topping imaginable) washed down with a full menu of champagnes or cocktails. Fear not pork-haters, beef and vegetarian options are also available.


The Melt Room
If you love cheese toasties, The Melt Room is probably all your wildest dreams come true. From The Classic to a Fish And Chips Melt – with a side of dill pickle and truffle cheesy fries, of course. 


Ok, so we’ve had the crisp sandwich café, but HipChips are taking things to the next level with a conveyor belt crisp and dip café. Set up in Soho, there will be a variety of heritage potato crisps available, with baba ganoush, katsu curry and pickled onion fondue dips. There will also be sweet ‘pudding’ crisps, with salted caramel dips. 

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Balls & Company
Balls? Meatballs (you have a choice of pork, chicken, salmon, quinoa and shortrib). Company? Sides – we’re talking smashed potato, spaghetti and salad. Is there anything better than circular food?


Ma’ Plucker
Chicken afternoon tea is a thing, and it’s available at Ma’ Plucker on Beak Street, Soho (see what they did there). Wraps, salads, patties and buckets are filled with Ma’ Plucker’s 3 way chicken. 


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Flat Iron
Flat Iron serve steak, pure and simple. Grab your flat iron meat for £10, choose your sides (beef dripping chips, with salad and vegetarian options also available) and salted caramel ice cream available in exchange for your teeny meat cleaver charm, handed to you on arrival.

Henrietta St steaks by @calwooo

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The Potato Project
Make every day a baked potato day with The Potato Project and their delicious dishes. Take it naked, top with pulled pork or go for a superfood sweet potato with quinoa and kale, with a side of sweet potato hummus.

Shuang Shuang
There might be table service at this Shaftesbury Avenue single dish (or should we say bowl) restaurant, but you effectively have to make your own meal. This Chinese dish is basically a bubbling bowl of stock, in which you dunk various ingredients that conveyor their way to you.


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La Polentaria
Love Italian food but can’t eat gluten? Soho’s La Polenteria is 100% gluten-free, making their pastas, burgers and side dishes with polenta. Take a look at the menu before you dismiss this hidden gem.


What's your favourite one dish restauant? Let us know below!

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