Are These The Most Amazing Student Digs In The World? We Think So

Are These The Most Amazing Student Digs In The World? We Think So

Okay, it's time to move to Copenhagen...

Think student accommodation is all about shared fridges and badly assembled IKEA furniture? Well get ready, because these student digs are about to officially blow your mind.

If you happen to be studying in Copenhagen (hashtag, the dream) then you could legitimately live on the water, for around £462 a month, in a customised shipping container. Now before you think 'ewww, dirty shipping container' just take a look inside.

Not only do the modular 'dorms' include a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen (which are all private, no more having to hide your cereal) but the floating community also boasts some pretty amazing shared spaces - a courtyard, kayak landing, bathing platform, barbecue area, and roof terrace are just some of the areas students can take full advantage of.

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Pretty incredible when you consider our uni shared spaces here in the UK included a grubby laundry room and/or maybe a bench in the student car park.

The company behind the project Urban Riggers, a sustainable housing startup founded in 2013, aims to make student accommodation more available in the city centre as rental prices can reach over $1200 in some central areas. Bjarke Ingels (the lauded Danish architect whose firm has a 10% stake in Urban Riggers) designed the units, and is keen to make education the focus for the project. 

'The education of our youth is one of the best investments any society can make,' Ingels told innovation website Fast Company. 'In that sense, not investing in our future is simply the worst place to cut corners.'

Accessible by bridge, the first of the floating communities also sports solar panels for power, and uses the surrounding water to both heat and cool the dorms - so not only the shipping containers stylish, but they're also pretty green. Uh, can we enrol just to bag one of these pads?!

The first unit (consisting of 12 dorm rooms) opened to the public on September 21.

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