It's Official! Selfies Do Make You Happy

It's Official! Selfies Do Make You Happy

New study shows that taking selfies makes you a happier person...

It's official Instagrammers. Taking selfies officially makes you a happier person.

In a new study conducted by the University of California, Irvine, researchers found that snapping selfies actually helps to boost confidence and improve one's overall well-being. Crikey, that might explain why the Kardashians always look so darn chuffed with themselves.

While many people regard the addiction to selfies as the most modern form of narcissism, the UCI research proves otherwise. In fact, those who take a selfie at least once a day are generally more confident and happier in their own skin. 

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'Our research showed that practicing exercises that can promote happiness via smartphone picture taking and sharing can lead to increased positive feelings for those who engage in it,' states lead author Yu Chen, a postdoctoral scholar in UCI's Department of Informatics. The study's overall aim was to understand the effect that selfies have upon our well-being, concentrating on three main areas:

Self-Perception How we manipulate our facial expressions to appear happier
Self-Efficacy How we do things to make ourselves happy
Pro-Social How we do things to make others happy

Observing first year college students over a four week period, researchers noted that taking regular selfies acted almost like a mild form of stress relief for those feeling the pressures of college life. Freshers are particularly susceptible to feelings of homesickness, not to mention the sudden financial strain placed upon them, and all of these factors can negatively impact a student's educational performance. Snapping a selfie however, can help alleviate some of that stress.

'The good news is that despite their susceptibility to strain, most college students constantly carry around a mobile device, which can be used for stress relief,' Chen said. 'Added to that are many applications and social media tools that make it easy to produce and send images.'

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Observing the pictures (which fell into one of the three categories listed above), researchers discovered that subjects in all three of the main areas experienced postive moods, in fact some of the students reported being more confident and comfortable with their smiling photos over time.

So, when your pals start dissing you for snapping your eighth selfie of the day, you can legitimately turn around and tell them that you are a happier person because of it. Take that selfie haters.




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