How To Eat Pretty In Every Season, By Jolene Hart

How To Eat Pretty In Every Season, By Jolene Hart

Jolene Hart on the best foods to eat in every season, to feed your beauty from the inside out

Strawberries in summer, parsnips in winter, leeks in spring and pumpkins in autumn – you might end up eating more of these seasonal foods just because they’re back in your local supermarket, but eating the right foods at the right time could actually boost their beauty benefits. 

We asked health and beauty coach, and author of Eat Pretty Every Day, Jolene Hart to spill her top tips on the best foods to eat in every season – and this is what she told us…

Nature has so much to teach us about the power of cycles. There are moon cycles, hormonal cycles, cycles of life, and of course, the annual cycling of the seasons. Each season, the needs of our skin, hair, nails, moods, and energy shift based on what’s going on around us and within us.

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One way to nourish your changing beauty needs is to adjust your diet throughout the year. For optimal beauty benefits, it’s important to include protein and healthy fat alongside vegetables in each meal, as well as to take your cues from what’s fresh at the farmer’s market.

In Winter…
Winter is the season to rest and recharge your beauty, although it can be packed with parties and festivities during the holidays. As much as possible, use the winter season to deeply nourish your body and support immunity, through your diet and with ample time for beautifying rest. This season, you won’t want to miss:

• Citrus fruit (grapefruit, orange, tangerine, etc.)
• Onion
• Beets
• Pomegranate
• Avocado

Citrus fruits, onion and beets cleanse and support immunity, while pomegranate delivers a multitude of antioxidants to fight off winter skin damage from within. Avocado is a fabulous healthy fat for winter, when good fats are essential to strengthen skin cell membranes to lock in moisture. In winter, continue to focus on warm, cooked foods packed with spices to support optimal digestion and radiant skin all season long.


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In Spring…
Spring is the season to energise, detoxify, and lighten up our diets (and sometimes our bodies, if we’ve added winter weight). The body is ready for more fresh and raw foods, especially those that offer gentle, natural detoxification after a long winter of eating heavier, cooked foods. This season, pack your diet with these green detox powerhouses:

• Arugula (rocket)
• Dandelion greens
• Asparagus
• Artichoke
• Lemon

Spring greens are packed with collagen-building, skin cell-renewing nutrition, plus cleansing chlorophyll. Asparagus, and artichoke, traditional spring foods, contain powerful phytochemicals that support detox, and lemon furthers that process. This season, especially beautifying meals are green smoothies, warm broth-based soups, and salads that mix warm grains, spring vegetables, and fresh greens with ample amounts of healthy fats like avocado and coconut.


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In Summer…
Summer is the season of activity, intensity, and the outdoors. Your body needs extra hydration, energy and protection from UV damage. This season, your beauty diet must include:

• Watermelon
• Tomato
• Pepper
• Cucumber
• Berries

Red and orange-pigmented foods like watermelon, tomato and red peppers contain the phytochemical lycopene that helps protect your skin from UV damage. All of these summer foods also contain large amounts of water for hydration and proper fluid balance in the body. You’ll notice more sweet foods in your diet in the summer, since they provide additional energy to burn. This season, especially beautifying meals are dishes that contain raw or lightly-cooked veggies like protein-packed stir frys, green wraps, salads and smoothies.


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In Autumn…
Autumn is the season to deeply nourish the body in preparation for winter, while supporting repair of summer damage and boosting immunity from within. This season, you’ll find these foods key for beauty:

• Sweet Potato
• Winter squash (butternut, acorn, kabocha, etc.)
• Pumpkin Seeds
• Mushrooms
• Apple

Each of these autumn foods offers major nutrient-density, while sweet potato, winter squash, and pumpkin seeds are especially important for skin repair and increased cell turnover for smoother, clearer skin in the fall. Mushrooms and pumpkin seeds are top foods for immune health, while apples gently cleanse the body. This season, especially beautifying meals are warm dishes like stews, soups, and salads that include the beauty foods of the season.



For more seasonal beauty tips, read Eat Pretty: Nutrition For Beauty Inside & Out and Jolene’s latest book Eat Pretty Every Day: 365 Daily Inspirations for Nourishing Beauty, Inside and Out (Chronicle Books).

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