Say Hello To The £1 Fitness Range – And Goodbye To Excuses

Say Hello To The £1 Fitness Range – And Goodbye To Excuses

Want to get fit but can't afford the gym? Now there's no more excuses...

2015 is really shaping up to be the year to get fit on a budget. Already we've had new ranges from H&M and Primark, as well as the launch of Kate Hudson's fabulous Fabletics collection and Bohoo's BoohooFIT. Not to mention one particularly empowering video campain from Sport England.

And to complement these purse-friendly sportswear collections, another high street giant has stepped up to help us all get off the sofa without breaking the bank, with a range of bargainous fitness equipment.

Ss say hello to Poundland, and its new 37-piece range with each item priced at – you guessed it – £1. Thought your depressing-looking bank balance was enough of an excuse to keep you out of the gym? Think again.

As well as all the essentials like nifty hand towels and water bottles, Poundland is also selling weights, skipping ropes and yoga mats meaning you can even save on spenny exercise classes. Just roll out your yoga mat, stick on a DVD and you're good to go (just make sure the DVD is actually a yoga one, and not just a movie).

At this time of year, as the bills begin to pile up and January's payday is still some way off, people want better value for money and cheaper alternatives to spend money on when it comes to getting fit, a Poundland spokesperson said of the new range.'

'The cost of gym memberships and classes has a huge impact on millions of people across the country who just want to get fitter and more active, without overpaying. 

'We are stepping in and making getting fit more affordable and more accessible to everyone.'


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