Rosie Fortescue On Why Being Naturally Skinny Still Doesn't Mean She Can Eat Carbs All Day

Rosie Fortescue On Why Being Naturally Skinny Still Doesn't Mean She Can Eat Carbs All Day

Made In Chelsea's Rosie Fortescue talks boxing, post-gym endorphins and her obsession with truffle macaroni...

On how she went from couch potato to gym bunny...

'I've got a twin sister and she has always been into fitness and going to the gym. When she was tired and stressed, she'd say 'I just need to go to the gym because it's going to make me feel better.' I never saw that. But then at the end of last year I started going twice a week. I think you have to be committed to it in order to give yourself time to learn to enjoy it. I got endorphins that I never had before. So now I go in stressed and I come out a better person.' 



On being #strongnotskinny...

'I workout twice a week at Lomax with my trainer Danny Osborne. We'll start out with ten minutes of boxing. I love it. I even bought a pair of pink gloves for extra encouragement. As we meet twice a week we might do legs one day and then an upper body workout another day. I do a lot of squats with weights and kettlebell swings.  I'm naturally skinny so don't need to do obvious cardio like running or working out on the cross trainer so I think weights is a really good way of toning and getting really strong. It makes me feel better about myself when I feel internally strong.'

Inverted situps on crack today at @thelomaxway with @thedannyosborne #batgirl 👊

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On not feeling guilty about missing a workout...

'I really like working out so I'll go as much as I can. When I'm not seeing my trainer I'll go to classes at Lomax. I'll do spin if I've had a busy week and I'm tired because you sweat so much. And I love the blast classes because they are like circuits. Each day it's a different teacher and it's fun. The classes are only up to 8 people so they make you work really hard. My normal workout time is 10am. I can't go in the evenings. I can only do it if I've had breakfast, done my emails and blogged. That way I can go to gym and feel I can give myself an hour to enjoy it. So if I have a breakfast meeting or an early lunch time meeting it doesn't work out that I can go to the gym too. But it doesn't stress me out that much. Sometimes I'll go four days a week, but some weeks it will only be twice. I can't workout on a hangover. It's just not possible. It can't be done. It will make me feel worse. I just need carbs.  When I'm travelling I don't keep it up either. My parents go to the south of France in August every year and I'll normally go and visit. My mum will always bring arm weights. And when she gets there she is like 'Rosie you must help me, you must show me,' but we never do. I think when you're on holiday it's time to chill.'

Hungover as hell but my @mariannagofficial bikini is helping the recovery 💚

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On eating for health rather than size...

'I'm naturally skinny. My mum is too so she gave me and my sister good genes. We're very lucky. But that doesn't mean I'm going to eat carbs and cheese all day as I know that's not good for my body. For breakfast I'll usually have avocado on toast with smoked salmon and poached eggs. If I have a little bit more time I'll make banana pancakes. It's just two eggs and one banana all mashed together. They're amazing. And then some weeks I'll go through a phase of just having peanut butter on toast. I take Perfectil as a multi-vitamin and I take cod liver oil too. There's a juice bar below Lomax so occassionally I'll grab a protein shake if I know I'm not going to have lunch for a few hours to tie me over.'




'I'll try and avoid bread at lunchtime if I've had toast at breakfast time. I like to make a salad with chicken or fish and lots of avocado. I always snack on things like hummus and carrots sticks or rice cakes with a dip like guacamole. Or M&S do little pots of nuts and wasabi peas that I buy. If I buy a big packet I end up eating the whole lot so it's better for me to buy the portion sized ones. There's nothing worse then being starving. I can't concentrate. So I'm always grazing. Come evening time for dinner I might have a steak with sweet potato fries or I'll make a curry. I like to get inventive when I've got the time.'

Craving fruit and veg after a weekend of beige foods 🍋🍆🍅🍏🍍🍌🍇🍉🍓

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On entire weekends spent cheating...

'During the week I'm normally pretty healthy so on the weekend I'll spend the entire time cheating. Hally's for brunch in Parsons Green is amazing. I'll go for the avocado on toast. And I'll always add eggs. Or cream cheese with smoked salmon. And then I'll add avocado and eggs too. That's normal brunch for me with a juice. Eight Over Eight on the Kings Road is my favourite for an easy dinner with friends. It's a mixture of Japanese and Thai food and they do amazing cocktails. I love sushi but it never fills me up so to be able to have a Pad Thai after or a curry is the dream. I like vodka lime soda with fresh lime if I'm going out out. At the moment I'm obsessed with Aperol spritz which obviously aren't good for you, but they are so refreshing. And if I'm drinking cocktails I'll have a margarita, well. several. They're delicious. Normally, on Sundays I'll go for lunch with friends and it will include a starter, main course, pudding and then maybe going back to a friends to eat cupcakes afterwards or to watch a film with sweets and popcorns. If I'm not eating out I'm cooking for people. I love truffle macaroni. Cheese is my life. I'm obsessed with it. And puddings. Anything and everything I can get my hands on.'

It's a carb and cheese day at @ivychelsgarden 🍟❤️

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Peanut butter cheese cake and salted caramel profiteroles #foodporn 👊💦💦💦

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On working out with Millie Mackintosh...

'Millie really inspired me to get into fitness as I saw how much she loved it. She goes to Lomax too so sometimes I'll catch her as I'm going into a session and she is leaving hers. She is more hardcore than me. We both go to Paola's Body Barre, we'lll go there together on Saturdays, then afterwards make breakfast at my flat and catch up.' 


On extra gym motivation...

'I've become a reformed woman instead of buying heels I'll buy trainers. They just get me into the gym. I've got a pair of Nike ponyhair ones, that are the dream. The best thing about nice looking trainers is that you can wear them to the gym and then out afterwards.'



'I don't wear makeup to the gym. If it's sunny affterwards I can just put sunglasses on and I'm good to go. After working out I'll normally relax by doing a body scrub and a face mask. I use a Bliss triple oxygen face mask and the scrub I'm using at the moment is L'Occitane. I like a firm scrub, one that feels salty rather than moisturising. I follow Tash Oakley, one of the bikini a day girls on Instagram for fitspiration. Her body is everything, she is curvy, toned and has boobs. She's the kind of girl that when I have a daughter I'll be like 'look at her body.'' 


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