The Secret To Poppy Delevingne's Svelte Supermodel Body

The It girl, model and actress loves a loud workout and isn't shy with her kit choices either - these are Poppy Delevingne's fitness rules...

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She's the Delevingne sister we're a little bit obsessed with - from her endlessly Instagrammable wedding to her faultless statement red-carpet gowns and envy-inducing holiday snaps, we can't get enough of Poppy Delevingne. And we haven't even mentioned her looks yet.

Fresh-faced and freckly, she's the perfect balance between high fashion supermodel and toned and tanned girl next door, and frankly, there's not much we wouldn't do to look like her. Just as well she let us in on her fitness tips then eh? Read on for the secrets to that toned tum, lean limbs and picture perfect complexion...

First things first, you must be eating something we're not to get that skin...

‘I’m a healthy eater. In the morning I’ll have hot water and lemon then scrambled eggs. I eat spelt or rye bread, not wheat, and have lots of veg and salad. Sometimes I have pasta but with ham and broccoli – I don’t do carb on carb. I don’t have a sweet tooth so I’m lucky, but if I had my way I’d have pizza and pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with cheese! That’s what I crave.’

How about juices?

‘I’m bonkers about juicing. I got into it when I lived in LA – I’d juice three times a day. In London, I have a NutriBullet, £84.99, which I got from my mother-in-law for Christmas. I make juices with coconut water, kale, spinach, kiwi, banana and blueberries, so I leave the house with that in my hand.’


Any secret beauty boosters?

‘I take supplements religiously. I’ll have Organic Burst Chlorella Powder, £12.99, and one Spatone Iron Supplement sachet, £5.25 on an empty stomach every day.’

How about working out?

‘I was really sporty at school but became less so when I started modelling. I’ve rediscovered fitness over the last year. I have a fantastic trainer, Efua Baker. She’s a dreamboat but she works me hard. I’m like a giraffe – I’m 
tall, all limbs and legs, and always falling over things – so we spend a lot of time working on my core using the exercise ball and doing Pilates-type moves, which my body responds well to. I couldn’t handle those trainers who make you do 25 burpees in a row.’

Well it seems to be working! Who do you look to for fitspiration?

‘My goal is to have a butt like Gisele’s. I had her French Vogue cover 
on my fridge for motivation. I’m naturally energetic and good at getting up to work out, but I’ll call my husband to moan if I’m not in the mood for exercise and he’ll remind me how good it feels afterwards. He’s a real motivator – for him, his body is a temple.’

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Any top tips for working through the burn?

‘I like to scream obscenities when I work out, so my trainer and I go to a gym on the outskirts of London. My big fear is running into people I know. It drives my husband mad because he wants us to work out together. I love playing tennis with him but other than that I won’t do anything that makes me too vocal. I don’t want to freak him out with how rude I can be!’

What about motivational music?

‘When it comes to music I keep it punchy and heavy. I love working out 
to Notorious B.I.G, The Prodigy, Daft Punk and Jay Z.’

You're big into your fashion, surely you don't wear dodgy old gym gear?

‘I love novelty workout pants. It means my workout kit is really bright and vibrant and out there. I discovered this great brand in the US called Teeki. They do really cool workout bottoms with galaxy prints and one with the American flag. I also live in Lucas Hugh athletic wear and get all my fitness staples from American Apparel. I always wear Nike trainers and love a hoodie. I have a big black and gold one from Adidas that I’m obsessed with.’


How do you chill out after a hard session?

‘Post-workout, I usually slick on Sisley Express Flower Gel Hydrating Mask. It really sinks into my skin, and you need that extra bit of plumping hydration after you’ve exercised. I also use Silky Body Oil Sun Care SPF 15, especially when I’m heading back out into the sunshine. Just the smell of it reminds me of holidays. To relax at the end of a really big run I’ll soak 
in the tub with Jo Malone bath oils.’

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