Pokemon Go (& The Pokemon Go Update), Explained

Pokemon Go (& The Pokemon Go Update), Explained

What actually is it?

If you haven’t heard about Pokemon Go, where have you been? You don’t have to be a ‘gamer’, it’s been everywhere — on the news, on Instagram, on Facebook — and now we want it.

So what is Pokemon Go?

It’s a virtual game on your phone where Pokemons are actually in your world — via your screens, anyway.

How the hell has someone invented that?

It uses some kind of bonkersly high-tech programme called Real World Gaming Platform that uses real locations to get players searching for Pokemons.

So what do you have to do?

Players are meant to find and catch more than a hundred different Pokemons in their actual surroundings. Your phone will vibrate when a Pokemon is near, and you have to find it and catch it (by using your phone’s screen to throw a Poke Ball at it, obvs).

Look out for PokeStops too, which are at interesting places, as you can collect Poke Balls and other handy stuff.

What’s the aim?

Essentially the aim is to catch as many Pokemon as you can, and to go up the levels as a trainer. The more you go up, the more sweet sweet equipment you’ve got and the more Pokemon you can catch to complete your Pokedex.

You don’t just have to catch Pokemon — you can pick up eggs at Poke Stops which hatch after you’ve walked a certain distance.

Can you play with people, what's a Pokemon Go Gym and what's A Pokemon Go Team? 

After some gaming time, you’ll be asked to join a team where you can assign your Pokemon to a Gym. Once a team is in a Gym, they can be challenged with a battle so you have to make sure your defense is strong, otherwise the opposing team can take it over.

Can you customise your character?

You’re called a ‘trainer’ and you so can — you can chose clothes and accessories.

What's the Pokemon Go release date? And Pokemon Go UK?

It was in America, Japan, New Zealand and Australia (thought it was in active development), and it's out NOW in Europe for both Android and iPhone! 

So how did people already have it?

Some clever people found ways to work around the location limitations. On iPhone, they basically trick it into thinking it’s somewhere else, and there’s a simpler way around it on Android — though there's no need now it's available via the App Store.

How do you download Pokemon Go? 

Just go to the App Store and click download (and then delete all your photos to make space for it and try again).

How much does it cost?

Pokemon Go iPhone and Pokemon Go Android are FREE, unless you want any of the add-ons but they cost actual money.

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What's the Pokemon Go update?

The 0.31.0 update has had mixed reception. It was every Pokemon hunter’s nightmare that one of the glitches saw their progress reset to Level 1 (can you IMAGINE?!).

Other changes include a fix in the faulty footstep tracker that means players now can’t see how close Pokemon are by the amount of footprints next to them, players can now re-customise their avatars in the Trainer profile screen and you can favourite specific Pokemon to lock them.

If you’ve noticed battling is a little different, that could be because the ‘battle move damage values’ have been adjusted. Catching too, as the scan radius (how close you have to be to one for it to pop up on your screen) has been decreased to 70m.

There are also new safety messages — probably due to the scrapes some users have got themselves in — which advise Pokemon catches to ‘stay alert’ and avoid ‘dangerous areas’. Seems like a good idea.

Is it bad that I want it?

No, it's very understandable.

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