Arabella On: How To Survive A Plenish Cleanse

Arabella On: How To Survive A Plenish Cleanse

Plenish Cleanse: is it really as hard as it sounds?! After two weeks in America over Christmas, InStyle's Arabella Greenhill volunteered to try it out. Here's how she got on...

‘Warning. Side effects may include glowing skin, increased energy, heightened levels of ambition and the drive to press on and keep crushing it’.

This all sounds wonderful, but let's discuss the reality of a three-day Plenish cleanse.

Firstly, why I felt I needed to do one. The short answer? Two weeks in America over Christmas with the family.

Back in London with the New Year ahead and Fashion Weeks looming, it was time for me to get back into some healthy eating habits - and what better way to start than with a detox. Isn’t that what January is all about?

But when it’s dark outside and the temperature plummets, my instinct is to hibernate. I need help to stay away from all those comfort foods and actually stick with it.

So it was over to the lovely people at Plenish, who very kindly deliver to your door three days worth of juices. Each day has six. Each juice has a number so that you drink them in the correct order. That’s a lot of juice (and a lot of room to find in the fridge!).

So far, so overwhelming? Do not fear.

Here are my 7 top tips for surviving a three-day Plenish cleanse. With these handy hints, it is possible...

1. Clear your diary. Three days with no social activities that revolve around food will make it easier. I chose to start on a Saturday. A quiet, event-free weekend in January was as low key as it was going to get. I knew I couldn't do all three days during the working week.

2.  Doing it at the weekend means you can sleep A LOT. Waking up at 10.30am meant that I had missed some of the day and started my first juice late morning. An afternoon nap? Yes please!

3. Distract yourself. Netflix and cleanse! Season Four of Scandal was my guilty pleasure.

4. Drinking cold pressed juices can make you cold, so keep warm. The electric blanket became my new BFF. An endless supply of herbal tea also helps

5. I took my juices out of the fridges for about half an hour (so) before I drank them so that they weren't (as) freezing so didn't make me feel so cold.

6. There may be juices you like the taste of more than others. Numbers 2 and 6 were my favourites. Number 4 – never again! I substituted the juice I didn’t like with coconut water.

7. Don't cave in, especially around 5pm. Easier said then done! Try having half of your number 6 Cashew juice early to keep you going, but getting out can help too. A power walk with a Radio 4 play works a treat...

So, how did I feel afterwards? Pretty good, actually.

Did I cave? There may have been a couple of almonds I snuck in at the end of the day because I missed crunching and chewing, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

What were the side effects? For me, the side effects included a flatter stomach, brighter eyes and a bit more energy. I definitely felt more alert, not so sluggish, calmer and less irritable. Long may it continue.

Would I do it again? Most definitely, yes, but maybe when it's warmer. It would be a great way to get a (quick) head start in the summer before bikini season.

Want to try the Plenish cleanse for yourself? Visitt for more info.

If you don't fancy a juice cleanse and prefer a smoothie, why not check out my favourite Nutribullet recipes for some inspiration. Happy blending!

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