Get Fit Like Pippa Middleton: How She Gets THAT Body

Get Fit Like Pippa Middleton: How She Gets THAT Body

How to get a body like Pippa Middleton? We've got the answer, and it might surprise you. Trampolining, anyone?

Pippa Middleton’s bum might be her most famous asset, but it’s those washboard abs that have been stealing the show since recent snaps of her on holiday in the Caribbean revealed a super-toned bod - and gorgeous red bikini, too. Whether you’re after that pert derriere, flat stomach or toned arms, Pippa Middleton has revealed her workout secrets, and they’re not exactly conventional.

Spilling her exercise tips to Waitrose, Pippa revealed some pretty surprising gym habits, but with a body like that, we’re willing to listen. Are you ready to get fit like Pippa Middleton?

Otillo Swim-Run
Not content with being a marathon runner and keen swimmer, Pippa combined her two usually quite normal fitness passions by taking part in the Otillo Swim-Run, a gruelling 47 mile race that takes place in Sweden. "It's not for the faint-hearted" she told The Toronto Sun (you can say that again). Pippa ran in a wetsuit and swam in her trainers across 26 islands - and all at 5am the day after her birthday. 


We all remember bouncing around as children in our back garden, but Pippa heads to venues like Air Space – where there are over 100 interconnected trampolines – to burn around 522 calories an hour. You can work your whole body in one go, stimulating your metabolism and oxygen circulation to reduce cellulite and tone muscles. Air Space have just introduced trampoline fitness classes including press ups, sprints, squats and twists all done on a trampoline, which is kinder to joints and a lot more exciting than working out at the gym.

Pippa is a huge croquet fan, having played at home and with friends when she was younger, always boys v. girls. While this is no insanity workout, the simple fact that you’re outside is great for your mental wellbeing, as well as soaking up that all-important vitamin D. The game is easy on the joints, and players are estimated to walk around two miles during an average match. Now we’re not saying this a quick and easy way to lose weight, but your mental agility and focus will definitely be improved. 

Back To School
K-Mid’s younger sis has always been the sporty sort, playing hockey, netball, rounders and tennis at St Andrew’s School, before heading to Marlborough College on a sports scholarship. In her 10-week workout, Pippa suggests you try out climbing, skipping and orienteering, too, harking back to some playground activities we loved to do before we started caring about our health. Race you to the skipping ropes?  

Western Dancing
Pippa has been known to pull on her cowboy boots and join in the hoedown for a spot of country and western dancing in the past, improving her core muscles and flattening her stomach with all those energetic steps. The fast pace of the dance improves blood circulation to the heart, potentially reducing blood pressure over time and building overall fitness with every class. The western moves can also strengthen your skeleton, reducing osteoporosis in the future. Can we get a yee ha?!

Will you be trying any of Pippa's workout tips? Let us know below...

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