Wait, Is There A New Zodiac Sign? NASA Says No

Wait, Is There A New Zodiac Sign? NASA Says No

Why we all need to calm down about 'new' 13th star sign Ophiuchus...

So, Ophiuchus. Sorry, who?

We can pretty much guarantee that up until a week ago, you'd probably never heard the word Ophiuchus, let alone understand all the controversy it has caused amongst horoscope readers the world over. But this Ophiuchus fellow has really ruffled a few feathers in the astrology world recently, and people are kind of freaking out.

When it was recently reported that space boffins NASA may have uncovered a 13th star sign (Ophiuchus, or ‘Serpent Bearer) it sent astrology fans into a bit of a crisis. Not only were the stars literally knocked out of alignment, but for many this ‘new’ zodiac sign signalled a sort of horoscope identity crisis – if there was indeed a new sign of the zodiac (complete with new dates), what did this mean for our existing star sign?

As you can imagine, for many that had lived their life believing they were a true Piscean (a staggering 98% of the UK know their star sign intimately), discovering that they might be in fact a Aquarian because of some rogue Serpent Bearer muscling his way into the traditional zodiac was understandably, more than a little upsetting. In fact, if the new dates were correct, 86% of people's star signs would have been affected. Uh, excuse me? Is that real?

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Well, don’t panic. NASA have since responded to the claims, and are doing their very best to reassure us that nothing has changed. According to NASA, Ophiuchus isn’t here to royally ruin our astrological identity. In fact, he may have been there the whole time but had been left out of the traditional zodiac due to the Babylonians wanting to make things a little more convenient. Yes, the sun does move through 13 constellations, but omitting Ophiuchus made the astrological calendar a little tidier for those ancient star gazers.

Speaking to design, technology and science fiction website Gizmodo in response to the controversy, NASA confirmed that they haven’t issued a new star sign, and that they specialise in science, not horoscopes.

‘NASA studies astronomy not astrology,’ NASA spokesperson Dwayne Brown told the site, clearing up any suggestion that they have any influence over our horoscopes. In fact, the whole Ophiuchus rumour mill started because it isn’t actually uncommon for traditional zodiac dates to get knocked out of sync.

Think about it. The zodiac dates were fixed over 2000 years ago, and well, a lot can happen astrologically in that time. The earth is affected by gravitational pull caused by both the earth and sun, and rather than track our star signs according to the stars, Western astrology tends to rely on the path of the Sun as seen from our vantage point on earth. So, it’s more than likely that our zodiac signs have shifted somewhat over the centuries.

So in conclusion, Ophiuchus isn’t here to cause an astrological meltdown people. If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, you are indeed still a Scorpio. Thank heavens for that!

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