The Dos & Don'ts Of Online Dating Profiles

The Dos & Don'ts Of Online Dating Profiles

How to create your best online dating profile ever...

Creating an online dating profile shouldn't be something to panic about, however with so many different dating apps now available, giving us all manner of ways to hook up, it can often be confusing as to what makes the perfect dating profile.

I for one have jigged, re-jigged and completely deleted dating app profiles, depending on my mood. It's often so hard to know what makes a good dating profile picture (selfie, or no selfie), and exactly how much I should reveal about myself in a scant few lines of text. I've looked at dating profile examples, and have asked friends what they include on their personal profiles - the one conclusion that I've come too, is that us single ladies could definitely do with a few online dating tips in the old profiler department.

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I spoke to relationship expert and dating guru James Preece about what exactly it is men are looking for when browsing dating apps, and if there is any such thing as a perfect dating profile. 

'Dating apps can give you lots of great opportunities to meet lots of other great singles,' James told me.  'However, so many people get it completely wrong and then get frustrated when things don't work out.'

That being said, I for one would like to know what makes our online profiles more appealing to men, only because I feel that I'm never getting it 100% right.

Luckily, James was quick to offer some top tips on creating a great dating profile:

1. Picture

DO have a smiling, clear headshot. This is THE most important tip you need to remember. Guys will be trying to work out in seconds whether or not you'll be a fun date. If you look like you'll rip their heads off they are never going to reach out to you.

DON'T add funny gimmicks or filters. Everyone seems to be adding silly things like cat-ears or cartoon flower garlands but this has gotten OLD. Guys want to see what you really look like.

2. Text

DO write about the sort of relationship you want. If you want something serious then specify it, otherwise you'll only get offers for hook-ups. 

DON'T overuse emojis. One or two are fine, but too many can make you appear childish and annoying.

3. Extras

DO try and stay classy. Save the bikinis, crop tops and lingerie for another day. While guys love seeing photos like that, they won't see you as 'girlfriend' material. Sorry, those are the facts.

DON'T add too many photos. It's not Facebook. The more you have then the more chances they'll find one they don't like.  Stick to four:  A main headshot, one full body shot, one of you doing an activity and one talking point photo. Leading on to...

DO use a talking point photo. People can find it really hard to break the ice and start a conversation.  However, if you have an unusual photo in your album then it gives them the chance to ask you about it.  For example, it could be you visiting somewhere interesting or doing something a little different.

4. Be open

DO be open minded.  Try not to be too fixed about the type of person you would like to meet. What we think we want and what we'd be happy with can be completely different things.  So don't be too specific or demanding, and accept dates from men who 'might' interest you.

5. Other pictures

DON'T include photos with all your hot mates in them. What if they prefer one of them instead?

DON'T have photos of you with a handsome ex or any other male. Guys won't contact if you they think they can't compare!

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