WATCH: 100 Years Of Halloween Costumes In 3 Minutes

WATCH: 100 Years Of Halloween Costumes In 3 Minutes

This brilliant video seamlessly charts the rise of the Halloween costume through the ages, from the twee to the inadvertently terrifying…

We’re officially in October so, if you haven’t been spending your time dreaming up the perfect Halloween costume then, what the heck have you even been doing with your time?

Choosing the perfect costume is no small feat. Will you go down the legitimately scary route, channel the ‘I’m a mouse, duh’ vibe, or work something SO 2016? There are just so many options to choose from.

However, if you need a spot of help in selecting the right spooky guise, then this brilliant video is for you.

The jaw-dropping video makers over at Mode have centred their latest 100 Years of Fashion video around Halloween costumes through the ages. And it totally goes to prove that some get-ups are utterly timeless.

From an inadvertently terrifying Minnie Mouse costume from the 1930’s (that paper mache face will haunt our dreams for actual WEEKS) to the very current look of 2015, every single dress-up outfit is so on point.

Whether you’re looking for something smouldering, the sexy ‘60s kitten is right up your street. Or, if you’re more into turn-of-the-century style (which some of you may be—each to their own, we say), you’ll definitely serve up your fair share of frights in the costume of choice from 1915.

Check out the video for yourselves and get clued up on the most popular Halloween costumes of the last 100 years…

If you liked this, you NEED to see the stunning looks the Mode team creates in their 100 Years of Wedding Gowns video. It’s mesmerising.

So, what’s your Halloween style?

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